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Defending Cats in Warriors Part 2 by Icemist

Icemist defends more cats from the series.

Artwork by Vialir

Hi! It’s Icemist, but you can call me Misty or Icy! Today I will be defending more cats in warriors, so this is part 2 to my other article. Here is who I will be defending: Hollyleaf, Breezepelt, Lionblaze, Firestar, Bluestar, & Daisy.

I used to dislike her, but now I’m neutral on her. Also basically what I’ve done to write this article is look at other articles that hate these characters, and use that to defend them! Anyways, one reason people hate Hollyleaf is because she tried to kill her mother. Well from what I remember, Hollyleaf didn’t even force Leafpool to eat the deathberries… I think. And Hollyleaf, who built her life on the warrior code, just learned that her existence defied the code, don’t you think she would act crazy like that? No offense Hollyleaf lol. Another reason is she killed Ashfur! Well Ashfur’s not exactly innocent, because he tried to kill FIVE cats! It was REALLY a good thing Ashfur died, because he’s a villain. Last reason is that she’s too loyal to the code. There’s always going to be some people(well cats for our sake..) that stick to the rules because they don’t want to get in trouble, and I think loyalty is a good thing! So, that’s it for Hollyleaf!

I really used to dislike Breezepelt, but after reading Crowfeather’s Trial, I came to like him! So Breezepelt was evil from the start. Crowfeather, his father, neglected him, and all his other littermates died. I’m sure that would have an effect on a kit. Meanwhile Nightcloud was telling him ALL about how Crowfeather didn’t care for him. Another reason people hate Breezepelt is that he attacked a pregnant queen, Poppyfrost. I think Breezepelt had orders from the Dark Forest to do this, and he didn’t want to be outcast again. And he did push away others when they tried to help them. Well, Breezepelt just wanted appreciation from his father, so he must have also been afraid that people would betray him. That’s it for Breezepelt!

I honestly like Lionblaze! He’s a good mentor, brother, mate, and father! One reason people hate him is that he’s invincible. Lionblaze didn’t ask for his powers. This also ties in to another reason, he’s a Gary – Stu. Well, Lionblaze isn’t perfect at all! Sure he’s really strong and good at fighting, but he has his flaws! He doesn’t think before he acts, and is kinda violent. Which doesn’t make him a Gary – Stu. I think the last reason people hate him is because he killed Russetfur. Ok, first of all, Lionblaze says himself he didn’t mean to. Second of all, Firestar might have lost another life if Lionblaze didn’t pull Russetfur off Firestar. Third of all, Lionblaze was just protecting his leader, and like I said, he didn’t mean to kill her. Ok moving on 😀

I love Firestar! He’s like one of my favorite leaders, and I ship FireXSand! But anyways, one reason people dislike him, probably the biggest reason, is he’s a Gary Stu. Ok, I should probably define what a Gary/Mary – Stu is. A Gary/Mary – Stu is someone who is perfect without any flaws. One of Firestar’s flaws is that he fails many times. He was reckless as an apprentice, and didn’t trust Brambleclaw/star because of Tigerstar. Honestly, another flaw could be that he fell in love with Spottedleaf. Actually, I won’t call it love, but I think of it as a crush. So, I think that’s honestly just the main reason people hate Firestar…

I like Bluestar as well. HER SE WAS AMAZING!!! Ok, so the 3 main reasons people dislike Bluestar is because 1, she went mad and crazy after Tigerstar’s betrayal; 2, she named Brightpaw Lostface; & 3, giving away her kits. So Bluestar went crazy after Tigerstar did that because she trusted him and couldn’t believe he could do that. I mean cut her some slack: her father’s been distant to her since she was a kit, her mother was killed(in front of her? I forgot), her sister died partly because of her, she had to give up her kits, Mosskit dies, her own kits don’t know her, and Oakheart dies. So I think it’s reasonable for Bluestar to collapse like that. Anyways, Lostface: Okay, Bluestar did this out of anger obviously. She was so mad at StarClan she took it out on Brightpaw. She would’ve never done that if she was sane because Bluestar is a good cat. And finally, giving away her kits: Bluestar kind of HAD to, because otherwise Thistleclaw would destroy the Clan if Bluestar didn’t become deputy! And she didn’t have a choice, so she had to give them to Oakheart.

I used to think Daisy was annoying, but I guess she’s more okay now. One of the reasons why people hate Daisy is that she stole Cloudtail away from Brightheart. Nope. Daisy just had a crush on Cloudtail, and knew that CloudXBright was going to happen. Another reason is that she’s useless. Would you call all the queens useless? Daisy’s caring for the kits, when the mother can’t at the moment. She’s protecting the kits from danger, just like a warrior would protect the clan.

So that’s it for this article! People would’ve probably expected me to defend Millie or Mapleshade, but Millie is my least favorite character(excluding villains) and I don’t like Mapleshade either. Anyways, Adios!

(btw, this article was written 6/21/22)

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