Puss in Boots and Firestar: Similarities and Differences by Flamekit by Jaggedkit

Jaggedkit compares Firestar and Puss in Boots.

Hi! I’m Jaggedkit, and this is my first article. Hope you like it!

So I watch this really fun cartoon about the famous Puss in Boots, and as I saw him develop throughout my viewing, I’ve noticed some Firestar-ish things. Let’s start!!!

So when I first saw Puss, I immediately thought of Firestar. Why? There are a LOT of things that prove this. Puss is a ginger cat, with green eyes. Well, mostly green. He has the same description as Puss, whose mentor (;0) El Guante Blanco, also calls him “Ginger.” And Firestar is ginger!!!! What a breakthrough!!!!
Okay, so Puss is good with a sword, knocking out thieves, 3 or 4, at a glance of his sword. Firestar has this same skill, battling bravely in the Tigerstar Rouge Brokenstar Battle, and the ShadowClan invasion in Into the Wild. He has all this fighting skill! Nice!
Bravery. So this is obvious. Puss is amazingly brave, going all the way to fight El Moco and the Thief Army, and to find the Obelisk of Night. But perhaps the most brave Puss thing is when he battles the wolf demon called The Bloodwolf with the Crown of Souls and his…wait for it…BRAVERY! Now Firestar’s side of battle. During the battle of BloodClan, Firestar fights Scourge with his nine lives and the Clans. His final defeat of Scourge is like the same as the way Puss destroyed the Bloodwolf. BRAVERY!!!!!!!

This is hard…for me…mentally. So firstly, the boots and hat. And the fact he stands upright. Firestar does not have any accessories of any kind, no earrings, shoes, hats, etc. He is humble. Which brings me to my next point. Puss always calls himself handsome, and he is always bragging about his superiority. Firestar does not brag and does not call himself handsome (I am mainly referring to the part when he rolled in fox dung in TPB, but yeah). Okay eyes. So ya know how I said greenish in the similarities. Well, they’re also kinda…yellow? *sweating profusely* heh heh. But yeah.

Okay, so that’s my first article. Is it good? Thanks for reading. G-BYE!

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