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Tigerstar 2, and Why He Is One of the Worst Leaders by Meadowpoppy

Meadowpoppy takes a look at the current leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello, hello Clanmates! I’m back with another article! Today I’ll be discussing one of my least favorite warrior cats, Tigerstar 2, and explaining why he is one of the worst leaders of all time. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and you are entitled to your own. Enjoy!


As you probably know, Tigerstar 2, known as Tigerheart when he was a warrior, is the current leader of ShadowClan, and the son of Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw. He is the mate of Dovewing, (ugh, I have to make a whole other article about HER, but I’ll save the ranting for another time.) and father to her kits, Shadowsight, Lightleap, and Pouncestep. “Decent cat, good mate and father,” you might think, but NO! Tigerstar 2 is one of the worst, if not the worst leader of ShadowClan. Why? Allow me to explain, then you can yell at me in the comments. Just kidding. I hope….

Tigerstar 2 puts his family’s well being before that of his Clanmates, the cats he is supposed to protect with his life. He always makes sure that his family (And I mean Dovewing, Shadowsight, and sometimes Lightleap and Pouncestep) is safe prior to checking on any of the rest of the Clan. What’s wrong with this? A good leader makes the hard choice, and sacrifices everything in order to enhance the lives of others around them. Tigerstar 2 not only ensures his mate and kits’ protection above the rest of his Clan, but he could potentially put ShadowClan in danger by not focusing on the cats that need his attention most. A leader is supposed to be selfless, not selfish.

Tigerstar 2 demands the respect of his Clan without doing anything to earn it. Having the ability to show respect, empathy, and care to those that follow you are essential qualities of a good leader. A leader earning the respect of their followers is crucial in developing a relationship with them, while also showing that you care about their opinions and ideas. Tigerstar 2 insists on absolute loyalty, just because he was “chosen by StarClan.” He expects all of the cats from the other Clans to respect him too, and when they don’t, he gets angry.

So what makes a good leader? Vital characteristics of a leader include, courage, empathy, respect for others, integrity, humility and selflessness. Let’s look at Firestar, arguably the greatest leader of all time. (Oooh, I have to write another article about him! So many articles, so little time.) Firestar always puts his Clan’s needs before his own, was brave even when faced with insurmountable dangers, and also made time to listen to every cat’s concerns. He was fair when making decisions, and didn’t put his family over his Clan. What I love the most about Firestar is that he was humble. He didn’t brag about being the one to defeat Scourge, he didn’t puff himself up as being the “chosen one”. Is Tigerstar 2 any of these things?

Someone you could compare Tigerstar 2 to is his father, Rowanstar. But Tigerstar 2 is worse than his father. While both loved their families dearly, Rowanstar never abandoned his Clan to chase after a she-cat from another Clan. Rowanstar always attempted to keep the peace with the other Clans, and his son tries to stir up trouble wherever he can. Rowanstar actually took advice from other cats, whereas Tigerstar does whatever he wants, no matter what any cat tells him.

Tigerstar’s unnecessary actions have created life-changing consequences for many cats. When he was the deputy of a shattered ShadowClan, Tigerstar decided to run off with Dovewing, which led to ShadowClan falling apart. His unwillingness to listen to the counsel of the other leaders during Darkness Within led to Ashfur escaping and Squirrelflight being dragged into the Dark Forest. His greed for the Sister’s land led to a needless battle, and many deaths and injuries. *Cough* Leafpool *Cough* His stubbornness to resolve any issue that means he doesn’t get his way stirs up animosity in the Clans. His obvious favoritism of his family leads to division within ShadowClan.

Now for a quick recap! Tigerstar 2 is one of the worst leaders because:
1. He puts his mate and kits before his Clan
2. He demands respect instead of earning it
3. He ignores advice, doing whatever he wants
4. He stirs up trouble when he doesn’t get his way
5. He is too short-sighted to see the consequences of his drastic actions

If you managed to read that entire article, congrats! You’re a real trooper! I hope you liked it, and I hope I managed to maybe change your opinion on Tigerstar 2! Have a great day/night, and may StarClan light your path!

Artwork is Tigerheart by Lithestep

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  • I hate Tigerstar 2 he choses his family over his clan over and over again. He invades the Sisters for no reason. He ran away with STUPID BRATTY WHINY UNGRATEFUL DOVEWING had a jerk ( Lightleap) and 2 ehhh kits. * Spoliers* I hate in Sky when he attacks RiverClan to “help” them but he really wants to be leader of 2 clans and takes over the rest. He’s my my second least favorite ( 1st Dovewing, 3rd Lightleap) DOVE X TIGER IS THE WORST SHIP THAT EVER EXISTED! IVYPOOL RUUULES!!!!

  • I totally agree!!! I hate Tigestar 2 even more than Brokenstar and Tigestar 1. While Tigestar 1 and Brokenstar cause trouble for just there clan Tigestar 2 causes trouble for all the clans and he doesn’t even care about his clan. He’s basically just like his grandfather but worse. And don’t get me started on Dovewing. She was cool in the beginning but ever since she got pregnant with Tigestar 2’s kits she was been an annoying furball. Is see some similarities with Clear Sky and Tigestar 2 before One Eye but Tigerstar 2 is worse.

  • Ok, so this is my opinion on it.
    (Of course, we all have our own opinions so it’s 100% okay to agree/disagree with my opinion!) Before I tell you what I think about TigerStar/Heart(let’s call him TigerHS), I wanted to share smth I noticed. So, I was reading through all the comments on this article. I noticed many people saying how TigerHS was a terrible cat, or how they hate him, or how he always puts his family first before the Clans, or how he’s worse than his father(&/or)TigerStar 1, or how he was better as a Warrior and when he changed into a leader he’s totally different, or how much they hate DoveWing is his mate, and just specifically DoveWing herself. Honestly, I was very shocked at these comments, (not in a bad way or smth like that, but how many didn’t enjoy TigerHS) especially since I thought many WC fans loved him because, well, the fact he’s a TigerStar 2, and that he isn’t bad like TigerStar 1, so it kinda gives you the thought of will he be/ do smth bad…?(and makes you interested) BUT anyhow (from what I’m reading in the coms) I guess many would disagree with that so yea, I was very surprised.
    But anyways here’s my opinion on ‘TigerHS’ :
    So first off, just ahead of time, TigerHeart’s Shadow was the first Super Edition/or ANY of the WC stand-alone’s I read about WC so it kinda of made me like him a bit more than other leaders/Warriors/Med Cats, etc…
    ok now to main reasons people dislike him.
    First off: I think it is very obvious that he puts his family first, but that’s just his personality, he cares ALOT for his family. [sometimes a little too much~ but as YellowFang says: “His only fault was to love too much.” His as in Ashfur. (Yet I do believe this was a 1% excuse about AshFur joining StarClan)another way to say the quote so it can be used for all cats would be “Sometimes loving too much is a mistake that every cat makes.” AHH sorry this is a whole other topic, k back to TigerHS] But of course he doesn’t just care for his family! I think- although he may sometimes/or just does care for his family more- he still deeply cares for his clan/clanmates. Some evidence✨ to support that would be
    NOW, before you say he was just being a kind cat like any leader would do on their first thought in a situation these choices were not like that, they were very noble. (I feel like anytime he is in one of those ‘leader situations’ -almost as if a SITUATON were proving his worth as leader-.)
    Saving HollowKit (basically sacrificing himself)
    Naming Spire, SipeSight
    Taking in exiled cats in The Broken Code.
    (not taking over) Temporally leading RiverClan to help re-organize/put together RiverClan.
    **IMPORTANT NOTE: I had to limit my characters (amount of characters I could type) so I made a doc w/ it and it’s visible to anyone if you wanna check it out!**
    Link: [link removed by a mod]

    (special thanks to Warriors Wiki for some info+quotes)
    XD so sorry for all this I’m just a big TigerStar 2 fan
    ~thanks so very much for reading lol😛

  • I wrote a whole doc about it if you wanna check it out!
    [link removed by a mod]
    *Visible to anyone!*

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