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My fav and least fav cat in Warriors by Moonlightpaw

Moonlightpaw lists their favourite and least favourite cats from the series.

Art by Shyranno’s Art (tumblr: shyranno)

Hi! It’s Moonlightpaw here with my second article. Today I’m going to talk about my Top 5 Fav and Least Fav cats in the whole, wide Warriors universe. Let’s begin!

5. Half Moon
Why I like her: she is just such a wise guide for Moth Flight in ‘Moth Flight’s Vision’ when she makes her mom (Windstar) angry and encourages her to be a Medicine Cat and never give up. Also, I like her purrsona (a white she-cat with green eyes) a lot.

4. Feathertail
Why I like her: She is a pretty cat and she is a selfless cat, saving the Tribe from Sharptooth, which cost her her life. She is also a pretty cat ( a slender, silver tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes, a plumy tail like smoke, and a broad face).

3. Yellowfang
Why I like her: She is a loyal Medicine Cat to ShadowClan (before she was exiled) and ThunderClan (after she was exiled). She killed her son because he has proven to stop at nothing to gain power. She isn’t really pretty tho (^-^).

Finally, down to my last 2:

2. Mistystar
Why I like her: She is the kit of my favorite cat and a good leader. She tries to make the best decisions for her Clan. She is also really old as well, which makes her a more experienced leader than the others.

Before the big reveal, here are some close contenders.
6. Silverstream
7. Moth Flight
8. Jayfeather

Now it’s time for the big reveal.
My favorite cat is…
Why I like her: She is a loyal leader and tried to make the best decisions for ThunderClan before drowning to save her Clan even though she thought StarClan was warring against ThunderClan. She is also really pretty and I cried when she lost her mother and her sister.

Now onto the least Favorites:

5. Frecklewish (ThunderClan)
Why I dislike her: She did nothing but yell at Mapleshade after the father of her kits was revealed to be Apppledusk. When her kits were drowning in the river, she stopped another cat from helping her and did nothing herself. She totally deserved the Dark Forest.

4. Millie

Why I dislike her: She was a bad parent and neglected her kits, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall after Briarlight got paralysed. Honestly, it’s hardly surprising that Blossomfall trained in the Dark Forest because of jealousy. Millie doesn’t care about her.

3. Bramblestar

Why I dislike him: Finally! A ‘him’! He didn’t care about his mate (Squirrelflight) and actually refused to listen to her in ‘Squirrelflight’s Hope’. He was a bad mate as well, not listening to Squirrelflight’s opinions at all. Yet, he still thought about her and there shouldn’t have been a battle when she almost died. He wasn’t completely bad, but Ashfur would’ve been a better mate.

2. Brightflower

Why I dislike her: Although she was a good mom at the beginning, she refused to listen to Yellowfang’s protests that she didn’t kill her kits.Instead, she sided against her own kit. Another bad parent.

Before the big reveal, I’ll put in 3 close contenders
6. Greystripe
7. Leopardstar
8. Darkstripe

And now it’s finally time for the big reveal.
Number 1 is…
Why I dislike him: He’s just so attention-hogging and really Really REALLY nosy. The most OUTRAGEOUS thing is that the Clans he helped by sticking his nose into their private business are like,” Thank you soooo much Firestar! Your name will be honored forever in our Clan!”(even tho they didn’t like it at first) He is also involved in too many prophecies. I counted 5 or 6. That’s way too many for ONE cat!

Most of BlogClan might disagree about this article’s content (especially the Firestar part) but these are my opinions. Bye!

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  • So this is what people ment when they said some peace hate Firestar… honestly we should all be grateful because he was the reason we kept reading the book series.

  • We all have different opinions, and I will honor yours, but I would like to know why do you dislike Graystripe? I think he’s pretty okay, but I only just finished the series Power of 3.

    Great article btw!!!

  • My favorite cat is Bluestar too! So this made me SUPER happy! She had the saddest death and I think she deserved better. The only thing I would change if this was my article is that: Firestar is an overrated cat, BUT he did save the clan from Tigerstar. And he deserved better when he first entered the clan. But I do agree that he does get to help the other clans WAY to much. Great article!

  • Amazing article someone who agrees..! Ashfur.. would have been a way better mate!! He’s so kind and loyal to Squirelflight. Even tho there’s an age gap. Oh and yes Freckle is so bad. Like don’t just watch KITS-KITS!!!!! DROWN?! Like what kind of creature are yiu. I wish her name was DOGWISH. Because that’s what she acts like.

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