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Top 10 Favorite Warrior Cats by Blizzardshine

Blizzardshine lists their favourite characters from the series.

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Welcome! I am Blizzardshine, and today I’ll be sharing with you my top 10 favorite and least favorite warrior cats! Lets hop right in!

Favorite warrior cat:

10. Firestar

I like Firestar. It’s simple. Firestar’s a good protagonist for someone new to warriors, and he’s just a kindhearted cat. We get to see and learn all about the clans because of Firestar, or Firepaw’s curiosity. Remember that time when he had to bring WindClan home? Well, we got to learn about WindClan and we get introduced to more characters, as well as possibly picking a new favorite character. And that time when he fed RiverClan with Graystripe? Fireheart let us know what RiverClan territory was like, introduced us to new characters, and gave us some basic facts about RiverClan. Fireheart also stirred up a lot of drama, due to his curiosity and kindness. He was also brave, giving us a lot of heart-stopping battles and some death scenes. I don’t get why some people don’t like him. He gets a lot of attention, but that attention is well earned. He did so many great things.

9. Tall Shadow

Tall Shadow, or Shadowstar was an outspoken she-cat, which we rarely get in warriors. Most she-cats are quiet and kind, or silly and bubbly. Tall Shadow, on the other hand, is one of the first leaders. She is reserved, and as far as I know, she doesn’t have a mate. Most she-cats have a mate and kits, and usually spend all their time with them, without doing anything else. Tall Shadow, however, spends all her time looking out for her clan, which I think is pretty honorable.

8. Wind Runner

Again, Wind Runner, or Windstar is an outspoken she-cat, and one of the first leaders to lead the clans. Taking over Gray Wing’s group seemed so natural for her, like she was meant to lead. Though she did have kits, In Moth Flight’s Vision we see Wind Runner still depicted as a bold, brave, perhaps a little spicy she-cat. Wind Runner never changed, and she is an awesome leader for WindClan.

7. Violetshine

Violetshine had a hard life. She watched Needletail die for her, her sister left her two times, and she was separated from Twigkit as a kit, growing up with a queen who barely cared for her. Violetshine was neglected in ShadowClan by Pinenose, making her want to join Darktail’s Kin, with Needletail. Violetshine is then pressured by Needletail, to attack her own sister. Violetshine does so, then later feels regret. Violetshine had a rough life, yet was able to find love, peace, friendship, and kin with SkyClan. I think she really deserves it.


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  • Quailpaw, Ghost Quail that flies in the shadows to jumpscare, She-cat| BlogChat name: Leafwind ( Leafi) Former name: Leafwind| Obsessed with Legend of Korra, and Demon Slayer|Ready For Halloween Candy! Yum! says:

    Nice article! It’s sad it got cut off 😢 I do like Firestar I just think he’s been in way to many prophecies I do like him 🎃👻

  • Argh! It got cut off!! Great article tho!
    I think the reason I don’t like Firestar is BECAUSE of how perfect and kind he is, like he has NO flaws. I think, for me, it makes it more interesting when cats have flaws, and many layers, whereas for me, Firestar is just lacking that complexity.
    But I love the others, especially Wind Runner!

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