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Favorite and least favorite warrior cats by Silverdusk and Cherrymoon

Silverdusk and Cherrymoon list their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by GrayPillow

Hi! It’s me the one and only Cherrymoon ,today I’m gonna be talking about my favorite warrior cats!

What’s up! I’m Silverdusk. And I’m collaborating with Cherrymoon! And I’m also talking about mine and Cherrymoon’s favorite warrior cats.

1. Silverstream
I don’t get why everyone hates her! She and Graystripe were meant for each other! She is beautiful and she actually respected Graystripe!

2. Mothflight
The first kitty at the moonstone! How could you not like her. I can’t believe that she was carrying Micahs kits! (Read Mothflight’s vision.) She was the first ever! Ever ever ever Medicine cat of Windclan.

*Air horn* Ravenpaw! *Air horn* He is a amazing cat his friend at the farm is Barley. He fought in the battle between Firestar and Scourge. It was so sad when he didn’t go on the great journey.

4. Briarlight
I wish her hind legs weren’t paralyzed! It’s so sad! She didn’t deserve it! Millie was right to care about her so much.

5. Tallstar
*Sniff* Exuse me while I have my moments. Anyways yes we have put Tallstar on here. (Read Tallstars revenge and see why we like him so much). Tallstar leader of Windclan was one of the best leaders everrrr. He one helped Firestar in the battle against Scourge. He also has a bad past *sniff* his father died in a tunnel collapse and he blames it on a Rouge. Poor Sparrow. So he heads off and later he meets Jake. Then they travel and they meet The “Evil” Rouges and when Tallstar and Sparrow go off hunting Tallstar tries to push him off the gorge. But then he doesn’t. To wrap this one up I cried when he died.

Least favorite:

1. Tigerstar
Evil Evil evil cat. I have four words to describe him. HE.IS.A.BUM. Actually I’m going to list who he killed /tried to.
Bluestar,Swiftpaw,Redclaw, and what I call so much more.

2. Darktail
*Hisses* Darktail… He killed Rain when he attempted to kill him. He killed Needletail, Dawnpelt, and tried to kill Berryheart. He is SUPER EVIL.

Hmmmmm… This dude you know he doesn’t deserve to be on here.

Yes he is not evil but he is SUPER annoying. He wouldn’t let Shadowclan on his territory when Puddleshine needed to collect herbs to save the clan from Yellowcough. He is Darktail’s Farther. (I see where Darktail gets his naughtiness from.)

5. One eye
You know the one from Dawn of the clans? The one that tried to take over the forest! Sounds a lot like someone we know… Yes Scourge we are talking about you! I wonder if these two cats were related? Yes but he also made is daughter Star flower lure the clans into a trap! WHO WOULD DO THAT?!

Byeeeee hope for a part two!
-Cherrymoon & Silverdusk

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