Which Of Tallstar’s Deputies Would Make The Best Leader? by Sparrowstar

Sparrowstar wonders who would’ve been the best leader to succeed Tallstar.

Official art by James L. Barry

You already have read the title: which of Tallstar’s deputies would be the best leader? Of course, Onewhisker did, but i want to see that if the other deputies had the chance, would they havae done better? I will dive into the qualities of all of Tallstar’s deputies and weighing the options for who ultimately would have made the best leader. We have Deadfoot, Mudclaw, and Onewhisker. They all would have had a hard job filling the paws of the legendary Tallstar.
1: Deadfoot. He is the only cat who never had a chance at all, because he died before Tallstar did. He was an overall good deputy, aside from book inconsistencies about him being nice and mean in some books. He was the pretty much a standard TPB deputy.
2: Mudclaw. Mudclaw. He was kind of a bad cat, and he couldn’t accept that Onewhisker was the true leader of WindClan. He would do anything to make sure his clan was the strongest, even if it meant killing other cats and conspiring with Hawkfrost. He was a good cat in StarClan, but as a living cat, him as leader would spill too much blood, and he only figured out his wrongdoings once he was killed by a falling tree and sent to StarClan.
3: Onewhisker. He actually got to be leader, and while he was leader, he wasn’t too good. There was the TNP stuff and the Darktail stuff. He was nice as a warrior, but he wasn’t the best leader.
Overall: I think Deadfoot would have been the best leader because Mudclaw would have been a powerful leader, but he wasn’t willing to help any other clan, he would do anything for his clan’s gain, and was too nationalist(clanalist?), and Onewhisker was a good warrior but not much of a leader, and he wasn’t wise enough or compassionate enough to fill Tallstar’s paws. Deadfoot can be compassionate (Ravenpaw’s Path), and do what’s best for WindClan. Ranking(Best to worst): Deadfoot, Onewhisker, Mudclaw. Feel free to agree or disagree with me! Please keep it nice in the comments and don’t hate spam or shame anyone’s opinions! Don’t complain too much, because this is my first article.

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