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Let’s talk about Frecklewish by Jasper

Jasper takes a closer look at Frecklewish.

Art by autotoxinn (tumblr)

Frecklewish is a cat many people have mixed feeling or strong feelings about, Frecklewish is one of my personal favorites when I read Mapleshades vengeance I fell in love with her character. (warning: Mapleshade slander up ahead)

Points I’m going to make
– Mapleshade lying about the kits father
– The exile
– The flood scene
– Snakerocks

– Mapleshade lying about the father
So when Frecklewish found out Mapleshade was expecting she did question about the father, when Mapleshade had made it clear the father wasn’t around Frecklewish’s heard leaped with joy as she hoped those kit’s were her brothers. It’s clear that Birchface meant a lot to Frecklewish. Mapleshade could have just told her that it was not Birchface but she didn’t wish to speak about that father. As queens do not have to disclose who their kits father is. But Mapleshade took this opportunity and in Result during the exile makes Frecklewish’s rage understandable. Mapleshade though not saying Birchface was the father didn’t deny it and sort of implied it.

– The exile
When Ravenwing tells the clan about the prophecy and Oakstar questions Mapleshade about the kits father and thats when it coems out that Birchface was not their father and it was a riverclan cat, none other then Birchfaces murderer. During the exile Frecklewish immediatly jumps to mapleshades defense only until the truth comes out, which is entirly fair. The news enrages Frecklewish whish I see as reasonable, Mapleshade had lied about her dead brother being the kits father. Frecklewish lunges for Mapleshade and claws her across the face, other warriors have to pry Frecklewish away and the worst thing during that was what Frecklewish calls the kits, “Half-clan creature”. This is in a moment of pure rage so I don’t believe she would have said this under different circumstances. She was acting on emotion of finding out her brother didn’t father the kits and his murderer did. I don’t think what she said was right, nor should she have said it but that is the worst thing she really does.

-The flood
I’m sure this will be a great topic for conversation but let me get through a quick timeline before I go into detail with it
– Frecklewish making sure Mapleshade & kits were leavening
– Mapleshade & kits start crossing & Frecklewish spots Riverclan patrol
– Freckelwish leaves
– Mapleshade & Kits are taken by the river
The reason I believe this is what happened is because when Mapleshade later find Nettlepaw he had mentioned Frecklewish has made sure they left had seen a Riverclan patrol. Nettlepaw had hoped they would be okay meaning Frecklewish did not watch them drown. If Frecklewish had watched them drown then Nettlepaw would have had no hope of the kits survival.

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  • I will likely get blasted for this, but Frecklewish isn’t innocent. First, she assumed Birchface was the father, and I do feel bad for her, but Mapleshade only went along with it because she felt bad. she never “lied” about it. When the truth was revealed, Frecklewish full on attacked Mapleshade, and probably would have killed her if warriors werent around. Also, Frecklewish suggested the exile. Oakstar just made it official. Frecklewish then went on to call the kits names.

    Now time for the worst part. She followed mapleshade during the flood, meaning she was very aware that mapleshade would have to go to riverclan. She could have showed mapleshade support, warned her that the kits would drown, at least then she could pass as trying to save the kits. She was very aware this would happen, and was watching in the bush. Even when Mapleshade was going to kill her at snakerocks ( Frecklewish didn’t know this would happen ) she showed no remorce towards mapleshade, she just told her to get off the territory.

    While the kits were around, she was super obsessive over them, and only loved them becuase she thought they were her brothers. Now, as soon as the truth was revealed, she was calling them names. That just proves it. She never truly cared about the kits, if she did she would not suggest for them to be exiled. She only cared that they were ” her brothers ” Not that they were ” precious or adorable ” like she claimed

    In conlusion, i hate her.

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