The warrior names that don’t make sense..? by Onyxpaw

Onyxpaw lists names that don’t really make sense.

Art by warriorcatsdatabase (tumblr)

Okay, so theses are in no order on how understandable they are. There just random. Here we go!
#1: Whitewater
Ok so I’m not that knowledgeable on this cat, but I’ve seen her before and heard of her in the books. I put her on here because I don’t really understand her name. And correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think any other cat has had the suffix “water”

#2: Toadstep: Don’t get me wrong, I really like Toadstep as a character, but the reason I put him on here is because toads can’t step, they hop, if that makes sense

#3: Beetlewhisker: I don’t really know who this cat is, but I’ve heard of him a few times and I never got his name. Beetles don’t have whiskers.

#4: Runningwind: Alirght, I like Runningwind, he was one of my favorite characters back when I was younger, but I don’t understand his name because well it’s simple, wind can’t run.

#5: Stonestream: Okay, I comeplety forgot about this cat. But I don’t understand his name because like.. can he turn streams to stone does he look like a frozen stream I mean I’m not even sure.

#6: Barkface: I liked Barkface as a character like Toadstep, but his name threw me for a loop, from the first time I read his name on a page, I was confused. Is his face bark? Does he have stiff bones? I kinda feel sorry for him.

#7: Owlwhisker: Okay, this cat is kind of the same was Beetlewhisker, Owls do not have Whiskers, that name does not make sense.

#8: Hollowflight: I liked this little Riverclan tom, but I don’t understand his warrior name at all. Names like “Squirrelflight” and “Kestrelflight” make sense but not Hollowflight, because hollow things usually can not fly.

#9: Whiskerpaw/Whiskernose: Whiskernoses name made less sense when he was an apprentice. Paws don’t have whiskers. I feel bad because if I had a name like “Whiskerpaw” I would request to change my name.

#10: Crowfrost: I think Crowfrost is a pretty cool name honestly. But I don’t understand it. Is the crow frosty? Does this tom have frost on him? Does he get frosty in the winter? Endless possibilities.

#11: (And the last one): Runningbrook: I have known this cat has exsisted for awhile, but never really got the chance to think about her. I don’t understand her name. All I know is that brook can not run. This cats name is similar to Runningwind in the fact that both their suffixes are things that can’t run.

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