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Hamilton And Warriors: Comparing Characters by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw compares characters from the series to those from Hamilton.

Art by PetalBlazeWarriorCat

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Broadway musical Hamilton, as well as spoilers for The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, Power Of Three, A Vision Of Shadows, Bramblestar’s Storm, and Crookedstar’s Promise.*

Hey! I’m Turtlepaw, and I’m back with another article!

Warriors is my favorite book series, and Hamilton is my favorite musical. So I thought that writing an article comparing Hamilton characters and Warriors characters would be a fun idea!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Aaron Burr and Hollyleaf
Burr and Hollyleaf are both the most mature out of their peers- in Aaron Burr, Sir, Burr is definitely the most mature one, and Hollyleaf was always the most mature apprentice, always reminding the others to stick to the warrior code. Both Burr and Hollyleaf killed someone- Burr killed Hamilton in a duel, Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, angry about everything she’d learned about the secret of her birth, and angry that he’d attempted to kill her and her adoptive mother and siblings. Burr and Hollyleaf are both interesting, complex characters with flaws and good character development.

2. Angelica Schuyler and Jessy
Angelica and Jessy are very similar! Jessy is pretty confident and not afraid to state her opinions or to stand up for herself, just like Angelica in The Schuyler Sisters! Jessy and Angelica are also both selfless. Jessy left ThunderClan so Bramblestar and Squirrelflight could be happy together, and in Satisfied, Angelica does something similar. She selflessly puts her own feelings for Hamilton aside so he can be happy with Eliza. Angelica and Jessy are both amazing characters who are brave and kindhearted!

3. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton and Honeyfern
Honeyfern and Eliza share plenty of qualities! They’re both extremely kindhearted characters- probably one of the kindest characters in their respective book series/musical. They’re both sweet and understanding and thoughtful. And they both have a close bond with a sibling- Honeyfern is super close to Poppyfrost, and Eliza is super close to Angelica. I think that Honeyfern and Eliza have similarities!

4. John Laurens and Onewhisker
John Laurens and Onewhisker are similar! (Not Onestar. OneSTAR is a jerk. But OneWHISKER isn’t.) Laurens is brave and loyal and kind, and so is Onewhisker! And both Laurens and Onewhisker befriend the main character (Hamilton/Firestar) in their respective musical/book series. Laurens and Onewhisker are both great characters who are super loyal to their friends!

5. Thomas Jefferson and Sparkpelt
I think that the Warriors character that Jefferson is the most like is Sparkpelt! Sparkpelt and Jefferson are both flamboyant, extroverted, and a little sassy at times. They both also have a friend (or in Sparkpelt’s case, a sibling) who is significantly more introverted and quiet than they are, but they still remain good friends. (Jefferson and Madison, and Sparkpelt and Alderheart.) For these reasons, I think that Jefferson is similar to Sparkpelt!

6. Maria Reynolds and Nightcloud

Maria and Nightcloud are definitely similar. They both receive so much hate from the Hamilton/Warriors fandom, but once you really think about it, they’re both extremely misunderstood. They are not completely innocent, but they are not completely guilty, either. And both were in toxic relationships that were unhealthy. Maria and Nightcloud both deserve better, in my opinion.

7. Alexander Hamilton and Firestar

Hamilton and Firestar have similar qualities! They are both the main character- Hamilton is the main character of his musical, and Firestar is the main character of The Prophecies Begin. Both are determined, have a group of friends, and make mistakes they later learn from. For these reasons, I believe that Firestar and Hamilton are similar characters!

8. Philip Hamilton and Shrewpaw

Philip and Shrewpaw both died young to help the people/cats they cared about. Philip died in a duel with George Eacker to protect his family’s honor, because Eacker had said bad things about his father, Alexander Hamilton. Shrewpaw died on the Thunderpath, trying to help ThunderClan by catching prey. Both Philip and Shrewpaw didn’t live a long life. And both were greatly missed by their families.

9. George Washington and Bluestar

Washington and Bluestar are both leaders- Washington is the leader of the continental army, and Bluestar is the leader of ThunderClan. They are both a parent figure to someone- Washington took Hamilton under his wing, and Bluestar saw Firestar as a son. They are both competent, and confident in their leadership.

10. Hercules Mulligan and Whitestorm

Mulligan and Whitestorm are both brave and kindhearted. Mulligan always looked out for Hamilton, and Whitestorm was always there for Firestar. Mulligan bravely fought against the British, and was even a spy. Similarly, Whitestorm bravely fought in many battles, always there for his fellow ThunderClan cats.

11. James Reynolds and Rainflower

James Reynolds and Rainflower are both abusive. James Reynolds was abusive to Maria, and Rainflower was abusive to Stormkit, even changing his name to Crookedkit. Both characters are cruel, and one of my least favorite characters in Hamilton/Warriors.

12. Marquis de Lafayette and Lionheart

Lafayette and Lionheart are both extremely brave, and willing to fight to help the people/cats they care about. Lafayette cares about his fellow soldiers (especially Hamilton, Laurens, and Mulligan) and Lionheart cares deeply about ThunderClan. Also, they both had a high ranking: Lafayette has a fancier uniform during Guns And Ships because he got a higher rank in the army, and Lionheart was the deputy.

13. James Madison and Runningnose

James Madison and Runningnose are both fairly quiet and introverted. And Runningnose has a cold all the time. (Poor kitty <3 ) Likewise, James Madison always carries a handkerchief because he isn’t in the best of health. Both are good characters.

While I did not include every Hamilton character in this article, I still hope you enjoyed reading about some Hamilton/Warriors comparisons.

Remember: History has its eyes on you!

– Turtlepaw

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