[Briarlight lies in the medicine cat den with Jayfeather by her side, the latter with his tail curling over her back]

warrior cats I ship by Appleshadow

Appleshadow lists the ships they like.

Art by Hoverpelt

SPOILER WARNING! hello! I am Appleshadow and this is my first article! these are warrior cats I ship in all the warrior cats series! lets just get on with it 🙂 (please dont attack me if my spelling is wrong)

5. Ivypool and Blossomfall
they’re just…cute together. they both have overrated sisters and get neglected because of them (sort of, lol)! heres a whole entire Dark Forest hangout why I ship them:
“ “Everything’s whirling,” she complained, her eyes wide and scared. Oh Ivypool, are we going to die down here?”
“Of course we’re not,” Ivypool told her. “But what if we do? Do you think Millie will miss me?” Pity rushed through Ivypool from ears to tail tip. “Of course!” she assured Blossomfall. “Millie loves just as much as Briarlight.”
As she reassured her Clanmate, Ivypool guessed that this is how Hawkfrost won Blossomfall over: by giving her the chance to get as much attention as her sister, Briarlight. *Just as he did with Dovewing and me.* She felt sad that Blossomfall was so jealous of her sister for the amount of time her mother and her Clanmates spent with her. “
First thing to point out, Millie is Blossomfall’s MOTHER, and she always is like “I have to check on Briarlight.” as if Blossomfall is just dirt. Ivypool and Blossomfall have the same problem. their sisters get too much attention as they’re treated like objects. onto the next one!

4. Briarlight and Jayfeather
oh yes. BriarxJay. I LOVE THESE TWO BEING SHIPPED. they’re perfect together! there might be an age difference, but I guess I still ship them. Briarlight was paralyzed by a falling tree and Longtail died by the tree (sad 🙁 ). she soon became Jayfeather’s “apprentice”. Jayfeather sometimes thought of her as annoying sometimes, but when Jayfeather fell into a deep depression from Dawnpelt accusing him of murder and neglecting food, Briarlight fed him. its just SO CUTE!

3. Crookedstar and Willowbreeze
one of my top ten favorites. Crookedstar. they had a great relationship together. I don’t have much to say about them. sad when Willowbreeze, Minnowkit, and Willowkit. only Silverkit (SILVERSTREAM!) survived.

2. Mothwing and Leafpool
many people ship them and I see why! they are SUPER good friends, and its cute when they hang out (kind of)! theyre just cute together and I ship them.

1. Ravenpaw and Barley
YES. CANNOT CHANGE MY MIND. he took Ravenpaw in when he ran away and they became very close. they were perfect for each other! they had a great relationship, and I just ship them.

thats all! Appleshadow signing out!

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