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My Top Ten Favorite Non-Cannon Ships by Mapleshine

Mapleshine lists their favourite non-canon ships.

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Hi guys! This is my first ever article, so if I am wrong about any info, then please tell me in the comments. Okay, so today I will be saying my top ten favorite non-cannon ships. All right, now let’s get started!
10. Shadowsight x Spiresight. Ok, so I kind of just made up this ship, but it totally makes since. Here, look at this part in one of the books:
“Shadowsight lifted his muzzle and blinked at the black tom. His eyes cleared. “Spiresight!”
Spiresight padded closer. “Are you okay?”
Shadowsight shook out his pelt.”There’s some ringing in my ears now, and I feel a little dizzy, but that’s all.” He looked at Spiresight and broke into a purr. “It’s good to see you.” He nuzzled the skinny tom affectionately. “Did Ashfur hurt you?”
“No.” Spiresight assured him, purring in return.”
-A Light in The Mist, Chapter 3
See? They seem great together! Well, they do to me.
9. Bluestar x Rosetail. They make a PERFECT MATCH! Rosetail was SUPER kind to Bluestar, and was like her BFF. They seriously love each other.
8. Mothwing x Leafpool. They are SO sweet to each other!!! Leafpool always backed Mothwing up, and clearly cared for her. Same with Mothwing. They are just awesome. (Fun fact: Leafpool called Mothwing beautiful at least three times.)
7. Fallen leaves x Hollyleaf. Honestly, I don’t know how Squirrelstar made it higher on the list than these two. For them, I only have three words: THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!
6. Squirrelflight x Leafstar. OMG, I didn’t even know that this existed until I read an article. And when I saw it I was like, “OMG!!! This is GENUIS!!!!” Anyways, Leafstar and Squirrelflight were really good friends in Squirrelflight’s Hope. They were the only cats who knew that the Sisters weren’t bad, and even helped them. Plus, I’ve been waiting for Squirrel to break up with Bramble. And if you don’t know what I mean, then please read Squirrelflight’s Hope. It will make A LOT of since. But yeah, they are awesome!
5. Jake x Tallstar. Yes! Yes! Yes! They were DEFINITELY in love! I wish Jake could have put his kittypet life behind and joined Tallstar in Windclan. But then again, if that had happened, then my fav character would not be born. But still, Jake had to mate with two different she-cats whom he probably didn’t love. Now that’s just sad. But, that’s what puts them on my list! Anyways, Tallstar was an awesome cat, and he deserved Jake. (Especially since his father died.) So, that’s that!
4. Barley x Ravenpaw. Omg, I LOVE them! They were just so perfect! Barley let Ravenpaw live with him, and Ravenpaw made sure that Barley was never lonely. And, it was pretty obvious that they loved each other. I mean, Firestar asked Ravenpaw multiple times if he wanted to rejoin Thunderclan now that Tigerstar was gone, but Ravenpaw said no. He already had a great life with Barley, and did not want to give that up. Personally, I think they’re great.
3. Jayfeather x Briarlight. Yes. Just yes 100%. They are AMAZING TOGETHER! I just love them so much! They were such good friends, and honestly I would have been SO HAPPY if they had become mates. They would be the most perfect mates ever!!!!! After all, Briar helped Jay calm down, and Jay healed Briar and kept her alive for as long as he possibly could. So, just yes.
2. Mapleshade x Reedshine. OMG, I LOVE them together! They’re the reason my name is Mapleshine! I mean, they both know what is was like to be cheated on, and, may I mention, they were cheated on by the same guy. Yeah. Appledusk. (I hate him.) Anyways, they are just awesome!
1. Ivypool x Blossomfall. In my opinion, this is the best ship EVER! It is SO sweet! Now, the reason that I like this ship is because Ivy and Blossom both know what it’s like to have a sister that gets all the attention. (But dw, I like Briarlight and Dovewing too.) And, they both trained in the DF. (Dark Forest.) They would understand each other, SO MUCH! It would be awesome! But of course Ivypool had to go marry Fernsong instead. (Grr…) But, the bright side is that their daughter is Bristlefrost! (Omg, I love her SO much!) So yeah, that’s why I think they would be good together!
Okay, so those are my top ten fav non cannon ships! Hope you liked them! Bye! <3

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  • Just to clarify, I did not know about the age gap between Spire and Shadow, I did not read any BC books. Also, the Maple x Reed ship is based around an AU, bc they do hate each other.
    Plus, there isn’t really an age gap between Raven x Barley, at least, not that I know of. I mean, Barley was kind of full-grown by the time Ravenpaw met him, but Dustpelt was full-grown when Ferncloud was born, so-
    And, I have recently found out that Raven x Barley is cannon, so it shouldn’t actually be here. Oh well.
    Now, just a couple other things:
    -It’s all right Sandbreeze, you didn’t sound rude.
    -Tysm Moddos, the cover of my article looks SO beautiful! <33333333333333333333
    -I'm very glad no one's complained about Ivy x Blossom yet! (Not that you guys complain, you don't, I'm just saying.)
    -Sorry if the reasoning isn't very good, I was very…idk in July. Also, sorry that it's cringy.
    And, sorry if I sounded rude, didn't mean to hurt your feelings if I did. Bye! <3333333333

  • My favorites are Hollylea- Ooops, HollyxFallen (lol) and Mothpool, but I also like BlueRose (that sounds like a super pretty warrior name BTW :D)
    I’m neutral about Squirrelstar (wait…We’ll have to change it to SquirrelLeaf when she becomes leader :)), I haven’t read SH.
    I haven’t read TV, but do I have a feeling Imma ship TallxJake…
    I don’t really ship BarleyxRaven because of the age gap (*quickly hides Ravenpaw’s Farewell behind bed*)…But I’ve got mixed feelings on this one.
    ReedxMaple would be super cool for an AU! Sadly, they didn’t have much chesmitry because of, y’know, Appledusk…*sighs*
    I don’t ship IvyxBlossom, because I like them as good friends. But geez, I wish Blossomfall had gotten a nice (and age gap-free), lovely ship! Why BlossomxThorn, WHY?! You could have paired him with Ferncloud and it would have gone better! (Wait…That actually sounds like a good idea.)
    Amazing article, Mapley! Keep it up!!

    • Tysm! I’m completely fine that you do not ship some of the same ships as me. We are all entitled to have our own opinions! <3333333333333333
      (Also, thanks for calling me Mapley, I love when people call me by my nicknames! <333333333333333333333333333333333333

    • It is based around an AU where Reedshine breaks up with Appledusk after she finds out he cheated on her, and goes with Mapleshade, and then eventually the two fall in love.

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