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Rating Warriors from TPB! by Petalpaw

Petalpaw rates characters from the first arc.

Art by M.Jay Warriors Art (tumblr: marymsjay-warriors-art)

Hello! Petalpaw here with her first (i don’t know if the other one was posted??) article!! Today I am going to be rating Warriors from the first series- The prophecy begins! Let’s get to it!

Firepaw/heart/star – 8/10

Please don’t be mad. I gave a 9/10 because I feel like he got involved with literally everything at some point. He and Graypaw (at the time) went to bring back WindClan by themselves with no other help. After Cinderpaw got hurt on the thunderpath, Fireheart tells Bluestar that Tigerclaw meant for her to get hurt instead of Cinderpaw. Almost instantly, Tigerstar was exiled, and Fireheart took his place. Seems a bit unfair right?

He also liked someone that was waay older than him and had a hard time letting go of her death. “Firestar realizes that he can have no future with Spottedleaf and then decides to have Sandstorm as his mate.” According to the Wiki.

Graypaw/stripe – 10/10

He is extremely loyal! Even though he mated with a RiverClan cat, that in no way drove him from being loyal to his friend and his friend. When Firepaw nearly died from Brokenstar’s rouge group, Graypaw defended the weak Firepaw by attacking and killing him. He also saves his half-sister Sorrelpaw from death when he caught Darkstripe feeding her deathberries.

Spottedleaf – 7/10

Now. Hear me out. I didn’t really like Spottedleaf. Yeah, she is a good medicene cat. But the thing is, she was a little creepy. She had a small crush on Firepaw, who was waay younger than her. She said, “she and Firestar could never have been mates,” and before she leaves, she whispers to Firestar’s ear, “wishing things could have been different.” Kinda showing that Spottedleaf wishes she was his mate.

Also, the way I found her a bit creepy is that Spottedleaf really never stopped visiting Firepaw/heart’s dreams. Really, she never stopped. Almost like she was stalking him…

Yellowfang – 10000/10

She was defiantly one of my favorites for sure. She may be grumpy but amazing. I was so sad when she had died ;-;. Yellowfang saved so many lives! Yellowfang is extremely smart in herbs and taught Cinderpaw well.

That is all for now! Comment if you want me to rate more characters! Its June 28. I wonder what day it will be when this is posted…

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