[image description: Silverstream walks in a blue forest with a river beside Millie who walks in a pink forest]

Gray x Silver vs. Gray x Millie by Mapleshine

Mapleshine wonders who Graystripe will choose in StarClan.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

Hey guys! It’s Mapleshine! This is my second article (if my first one got posted, truthfully I didn’t check if it was 350 words so I hope it posts). Today, I will be discussing a very well known problem in the warrior cats series: Who will Graystripe choose in Starclan? Silverstream, or Millie? So, let’s get to it:
1. His First Time Meeting Them. So, first, let’s look at the first time Graystripe met both of his mates:
Silverstream: So, Graystripe was out with Fireheart, Brakenpaw and Cinderpaw on a hunting patrol. Well, Graystripe was chasing a squirrel (I think). So the squirrel ran across the ice on the river. And Graystripe ran after it. But of course, he fell through the ice. And since he was Thunderclan, he didn’t know how to swim. So he started drowning. Well it just so happens that Silverstream, a Riverclan warrior, was out on a hunting patrol too. And she immediately saw Graystripe drowning. Well, according to the warriors ultimate guide, there was a rule in Riverclan that no warrior could let a cat drown in the river, because it could pollute the river, and stop their fish from coming there. So Silverstream jumped in and saved him. And for Graystripe, this was love at first sight. Well, he kept asking Silverstream to meet him, and they would talk and eventually Silverstream fell in love with him too. Then she had his kits, Feathertail and Stormfur, and she died at childbirth. Personally, I think that Graystripe really loved Silverstream. She was his pride and joy. Now, let’s look at Millie:
Millie: So, Graystripe got captured by Twolegs one day, and he absolutely hated it. Which led him to trying to escape. One day, when he was escaping, he met a kittypet named Millie. She told him that she would take him back to his twolegs. And even though Graystripe didn’t want to go back, he still did not protest. Then, Millie escaped with him and became a Thunderclan warrior, had his kits, Blossomfall, Briarlight and Bumblestripe, and eventually died and went to Starclan. So, to me, it sounds like his first time meeting Silverstream was better than his first time meeting Millie.
2. Deaths. Well, let’s now look at the deaths of Graystripe’s two mates and how he reacted:
Silverstream: So, when Silverstream was having his kits, she lost to much blood, and died. Graystripe was heart-broken. He had loved her. He even moved to Riverclan for her her. (Though he moved back to Thunderclan after a while.) Now, Millie’s:
Millie: Millie died one day because she didn’t have very good health. According to Google, she died with her family surrounding her. Graystripe was SO sad. He, again, felt heart-broken. But personally, I’m still more on Silverstream’s side. I mean, Graystripe was willing to switch CLANS for her. That’s a lot.

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