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A Starless Clan Protagonist Names by Quickmoon

Quickmoon discusses the names of the protagonists of A Starless Clan.

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This article has spoilers for The Starless Clan Book 1: River

Warrior names are a very important part of clan life. Cats born in a clan have two part names. Cats are given prefixes at birth and stick with that half of their names for their entire life unless except in certain situations. Suffixes change from -kit upon birth to -paw when they’re apprentices. Upon becoming a full warrior or medicine cat, cats get a wide range of suffixes, such as -fur, -claw, or -heart. Cats who become leader are granted the suffix -star.

This article is about the names of the protagonists of the newest arc, A Starless Clan. Sunbeam and Frostpaw’s sections come mostly from speculation, while Flamepaw/Nightheart’s section is more rooted in the book and author statments with a bit of speculation.

#1 – Sunbeam
Sunbeam is the oldest of the protagonists, being born during Tigerheart’s Shadow and becoming a warrior between Squirrelflight’s Hope and Lost Stars. She doesn’t seem to be named after any cats, meaning the prefix Sun may come from her pelt color. Though brown and white doesn’t give the feeling of the name Sun, so it may not come from anything. The suffix -beam is unique, with her being the only cat that has it. It’s likely the suffix comes from the fact she likes to sunbathe, as she has been shown to do so in River.

#2 – Nightheart/Flamepaw
Nightheart is unique, as his name is an important to his story. His original suffix was Flame, which comes from Firestar, causing him to struggle with Firestar’s legacy, a cat who ironically, started life as a kittypet and struggled to be accepted by his clan. His suffix is -heart, a name often reflecting a strong personality. The name Flameheart comes from his personality, as well as being similar to Firestar’s warrior name, Fireheart. His new prefix, Night comes from his black pelt as well as going with his suffix to describe his personality. Though often depicted by fans with red or ginger on his fur, his fur is completely black, which added to his struggle to live up to Firestar’s name. Though there may have been good intentions in giving him a name after Firestar to reflect his good qualities, the name Nightheart allows cat to be able to see him for who he is rather than just like Firestar. ue to
#3 – Frostpaw
Frostpaw is only an apprentice, leaving room for speculation about what her full medicine cat name will be. Her prefix simply comes from her pelt color, so there’s not much to speculate about there. This is just speculation, but I believe her full name will be Frostfeather, after her mother Curlfeather. Other possibilities are Frostwing, after Mothwing or Frostfoot, after Mistystar’s warrior name, Mistyfoot. However, there is still a possibility she won’t be named after another cat and instead have a name more along the lines of Frostleaf.

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