My Top 10 Saddest Deaths in the Series by Silverdusk

Silverdusk lists the saddest deaths in the series.

Art by Pinkateatime

Hi! My name is Silverdusk and this article is about my top 10 saddest deaths in the series. I understand you may have different opinions and please feel free to write them in the comments! Now let’s begin!

10) Feathertail

Feathertail was so heroic, sacrificing herself for Crowpaw, the cat she loved. And then he named himself Crowfeather in honour of her. Feathertail was so kind and it was heartbreaking when she died to kill Sharptooth. There isn’t much to say about this, but her death was very tragic.

9) Stonefur

This was a completely unfair fight. Stonefur was so brave, sacrificing himself to save Featherpaw & Stormpaw. His death is quite sad in my opinion because Stonefur is such a noble warrior. He was a good deputy, so loyal to his Clan. Sure, he wasn’t fully RiverClan, he had some ThunderClan because his mother was actually the leader of ThunderClan but HE DIDN’T DESERVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF THAT.
It wasn’t even Stonefur’s fault that he was half-clan, stupid Tigerstar! I mean I know that Tigerstar can’t exactly punish Bluestar & Oakheart-Stonefur’s parents-since they’re both dead, but still!
Stonefur fought like a lion against Darkstripe, who seems to have lost every fight he’s ever fought. Stonefur was winning too, despite being half-starved! So what does Tigerstar do? He sends in another cat to finish the fight! That’s so mean and unfair and poor Stonefur didn’t deserve that.

8) Spottedleaf

I’m talking about her second death, by the way. Spottedleaf is a gentle, pretty tortoiseshell medicine cat who served her Clan well. After being murdered unexpectedly, she went to StarClan before she could tell Fireheart how she felt about him. They both loved each other and Spottedleaf always looked out for Fireheart. Many moons after her first death there was a fierce battle between the Clan cats and the Dark Forest. StarClan, fought on the Clans’ behalf, obviously. And Spottedleaf nobly saved the life of Firestar’s mate, Sandstorm. Sandstorm was at Mapleshade’s mercy and just before she struck the killing blow, Spottedleaf saved Sandstorm and died. Just saying, if Spottedleaf had let Sandstorm die, then both she-cats would be in StarClan. And since Firestar died in that battle anyway, he wouldn’t have been apart from her for long. But Spottedleaf didn’t know that Firestar was going to die in that battle, so she did the right thing. I just wish she hadn’t been erased from the earth forever.

7) Bluestar

Bluestar is a great leader. She was fair and respected by all. Except for Tigerstar (yup, that stupid cat who killed Stonefur) who tried to kill Bluestar so he could be leader. He failed because Firestar (Fireheart at the time) stopped him. But he left a lasting imprint on Bluestar, who started to go mad. She believed her Clanmates were traitors & she also believed that StarClan was her enemy. But in the last moments of her life Bluestar was struck by a clarity that her Clan were not traitors and that StarClan had not caused all her pain to happen. So she went off and saved Fireheart from the dogs. But she paid the ultimate price for her courage by falling into the gorge. Fireheart pulled her out, but it was too late. She died on the shore. Poor Bluestar.

6) Silverstream

Silverstream is one of my favourite warriors of all time. I LOVE her. I was devastated when she died. Silverstream fell in love with a cat that wasn’t in her Clan and died of blood loss after having his kits. I couldn’t believe it. Silverstream shouldn’t have died like that, that’s a horrible death!! She should’ve lived to raise her kittens. Silverstream’s death broke so many hearts.

5) Cinderpelt

I still miss Cinderpelt. Her life was so sad. Cinderpelt wanted to be a warrior, but she broke her leg and had to be a med cat instead. She didn’t lose her passion or energy, which is another reason I love Cinderpelt. Even though she admitted herself (at the end of River of Fire, book 5 of Vision of Shadows) that she was in love with Firestar, she still accepted she could never have a life with him. Despite her feelings, Cinderpelt encouraged Fireheart to be with Sandstorm because she makes him happy. Anyway, Cinderpelt was killed by a badger protecting Sorreltail and her kits. Cinderpelt is another one of my favourite warrior cats and this upset me. Cinderpelt was so faithful and amazing; her death was so tragic. I hope she’s happy in StarClan.

4) Longtail

This death was really, really, really sad. When ThunderClan had to leave their camp because Dovewing knew that a tree was about to fall into the hollow, everything was fine. Everybody had left. Everything was okay. Then the grumpiest elder in the world, Mousefur, started complaining about her bedding and how she wouldn’t get any other dry bedding on such a rainy day and what a waste of prey it was to leave the fresh-kill pile behind. So Longtail, being the kind cat he is, went back into camp to get the stuff for Mousefur. And Briarpaw (another one of my favourite cats) went in after him to get him to come back. And then just like that the birch fell. It broke Briarpaw’s spine, paralysing her from the hips down. And Longtail was crushed and killed. Which can’t be a very nice death. Poor Longtail. At least he’ll have his sight back in StarClan.

3) Honeyfern

Honeyfern was a very kindhearted cat who was deeply in love for a great chunk of her life. Her heart always belonged to the arrogant ThunderClan warrior Berrynose; which made it especially sad when she died before anything could really happen between them. Honeyfern was just having a regular day, relaxing in the sunshine with Lionblaze and Berrynose, her new mate. Briarkit was playing, when a snake attacked her. Before it could bite her, Honeyfern saved the day and got injected with its venom. She died a painful, tragic death when Leafpool couldn’t help her.
Honeyfern’s last words were: “help me, my blood’s on fire!”
Berrynose grieved greatly for the golden tabby. I know they would’ve been really happy together; they would’ve had great kits and Honeyfern made Berrynose a little more bearable. It was so sad when she died! I love Honeyfern (she’s my 12th favourite warrior cat) and it broke my heart when she died so young.
*goes into the corner and silently cries*

2) Yellowfang

Yellowfang is an amazing cat and probably one of the greatest medicine cats ever. She has an attitude and a tongue sharp enough to cut off your ears, but that doesn’t stop people from loving her. Yellowfang wanted to be the best ShadowClan warrior ever, but because she could feel other cats’ pain, she had to train as a medicine cat. But then she fell in love and had three kits, 2 of whom died. The survivor grew up to kill his father and become leader. And what did he do? He exiled elders from his own Clan and forced kits into training when they hadn’t lost their kitten fluff! And on top of that, he exiled Yellowfang. Long story short, she became the medicine cat for ThunderClan. And she was happy. And then a fire blazed through the ThunderClan camp and Yellowfang was trapped trying to save an elder. And then Fireheart found her a few days later, lying in her den. She had inhaled too much smoke and she went to StarClan. At least she didn’t die alone, but this is still really sad.


Bristlefrost is the saddest death I’ve ever read. She was so brave, giving up her life to kill Ashfur. But what’s really sad is that now she’s gone forever. She’ll never be with her beloved Rootspring or her kin. No. She’s just erased off the face of the earth like Spottedleaf. Bristlefrost is also one of my all-time favourite characters (haha, I know, there are a lot in this article) and I was so sad to discover I would never see her again. And that Rootspring (lol, another one of my favourites!) would never get to see her again. Or Bristlefrost’s mother Ivypool (another one) and I just love her.

So that’s all I have for today! These are my top 10 saddest warrior cat deaths. Make sure to tell me yours in the comments! Thanks for reading my article and have a great day!


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