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Giving Dead Kits and Apprentices Warrior Names by Brightmoon

Brightmoon gives dead kits and apprentices warrior names.

Art by Leftysmudgez

Hello. Brightmoon here. Today I am going to give warrior names to all the cats (that I can think of) that died young. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Snowkit: I was thinking Snowflight or Snowfall for the hawk that carried him off. Or maybe Snowear because he is deaf. Another one is Snowdrift or Snowstorm.

Swiftpaw: Maybe Swiftclaw or Swiftfang or Swiftstrike because he went down fighting. Or Swiftfoot because he is probably fast. Other ones are Swiftheart, Swiftriver, Swiftwind, Swiftbird, or Swiftwing.

Dandelionkit: Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s daughter. Maybe Dandeliondawn or Dandelionstripe because she was a pale ginger tabby. Wait! Maybe Dandelionstorm, she sounds like she looks like Sandstorm.

Juniperkit: Dandelionkit’s brother. I was thinking Juniperclaw because he looks like Brambleclaw (star) and Tigerclaw (star). But a Juniperclaw already exists so maybe Juniperleaf because he has green eyes.

Elderkit: Brindleface and Whitestorm’s son. I was thinking Elderberry or Eldernose because there are berries called elderberries that come from elder trees and they are black.

Mosskit: Maybe Mossfrost because she died because of the cold. Or Mossflower after Moonflower or Mossfur after Snowfur and Bluefur and also because we gotta keep the family tradition going. And some names that would be a mouthful would be Mossspots, Mossstorm, Mosssnow, Mossstream, or Mossstone.

Woodkit: He was Frogleap and Mosspelt’s son. He drowned so maybe his name would be Woodwater. Maybe Woodclaw, Woodface or Woodfall.

Robinkit: He was Woodkit’s brother. He also drowned, so maybe Robinsplash. Or maybe Robinflight, Robinfang, or Robinpelt (trying to avoid Robinwing).

Adderkit: Some random kit that died. He is one of the kits that listens to Rock in Cats of the Clans. I would say Adderbite or Adderheart because a snake bit him. I would have said Adderfang but that was taken.

Finchkit: Tallstar’s sister. I was thinking something like Finchwing or Finchfeather because a finch is a bird.

Hillkit: Downkit and Eaglekit’s littermate. Maybe Hillclaw because he/she liked to climb hills or something.

Downkit: One of Ashfoot’s kits and Crowfeather’s littermate. Maybe Downfeather because I suspect that it was named after the soft bird feathers that are called down.

Eaglekit: Downkit’s littermate. Maybe Eaglewing or Eagleflight. Maybe Eaglestorm because it’s gray.

Bluebellkit: One of Snowbird’s many kits. I was thinking of Bluebellflower (StarClan help me, that is a long name!) or Bluebellfall.

Brownpaw: He is Littlecloud and Wetfoot’s brother. Maybe Browndust, Brownmud, or Brownfur because… *drumroll* he is brown!

Dewkit: She was Sparrowtail and Mistcloud’s sister. Maybe her name would be Dewfur after her mother. Or maybe Dewstorm or Dewfeather or Dewshine because she’s gray.

Duskpaw: Hawkwing’s brother and Cherrytail and Sharpclaw’s son. Maybe Duskfire or Duskflame or Duskblaze because he died in a fire and he was a ginger tabby.

I hope you enjoyed this. I tried to think of less well known cats and I’m not sure if I was successful or not… please tell me. Brightmoon out!

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