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Better names for some popular warrior cats by CoalNose

CoalNose takes a look at some characters’ names and wonders if they could better fit that cat.

Art by melo_draws (WildMelo)

Am pretty sure that there are some Warrior Cat names that could’ve been better. For example, AshFur. There are litreally like three cats called AshFur/Pelt. Instead of AshFur, it could’ve been Ash/Dusk/Face/Foot/Belly/Tail. Now i do know that Warrior Cats (The book) does have a part of simple names. I just think that Fur/Pelt is overused on so many cats, that honestly deserve a better name. Now dont worry, i wont be too judgy, and say that FireHeart would have been better with the name “FireValley or FireFreckle” or something like that. Now onto the names.

1.×Bluepelt (BlueStar)×
I personally think that “BluePelt” is way too simple for such a stunning cat. She could’ve had a way other name, like “BlueWing” “BlueLeap” “BlueBreeze” “BlueStream”. I also think her name doesnt very make sense. I dont think cats can see blue? If so it would mostly be a greyish color. She isnt only “blue”, she is also silver around her muzzle. She could’ve been called “Silver’Gaze,” “Silver’Heart,” or “Silver’Spark.”. A good name could’ve been something with “Moon” in my opinion.

Ash’Fur, the “pshycopath” that was mostly misunderstood should’ve gotten a better name. I feel like “Ash’Hair” or “Ash’Face” would’ve matched him. “Ash’Face” sounds kinda dark. But dont get me wrong, Ash’Fur is a pretty good name. Deff better than the other names that have “Fur” in their name.

3. ×HawkFrost×
I know many are gonna come at me for this but..I dont like Hawk’Frosts name. I just think it sounds goofy? He could’ve had any other name, like “Hawk’Eyes” “Hawk’Bite” or “Hawk’Throat”. But HawkFrost? I mean it does match his eyes somehow but i personally dont like the name. I do think “HawkFrost” sounds a little exotic for some reason. It gives me winter vibes, which isnt bad.

4. ×RedTail×
Agian, people will come at me for this but Red’Tails name sounds confusing. When i first read Warrior Cats, RedTail wasnt described so well. I tought he was a all white cat with a actual red tail? Cmon. He could have been named RedBrindle or something. But oh well.

We all know this cat deserves a better name. Just imagine being name “Maggot’Kit”. Tbh if you search them up, they look pretty as young. They could’ve been named: “Grey’Moth” “Silver’Blaze” or “Striped’Tail”.


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  • Great article! But there are a few things wrong with it.
    1. Bluestar’s warrior name was Bluefur, not Bluepelt.
    2. Ashfur couldn’t have been named Ashhair because cats have very little or no hair on their pelts.
    3. Hawkfrost was named after hi icy blue eyes.
    4. Hawkfrost couldn’t have been named Hawkbite because hawks have no teeth, so they can’t bite.
    5. Redtail does have a red tail.
    6. Many people head-canon that Maggottail was originally named something else, then he was attacked by a fox and his wound got infected. Cats bullied him and called him “Maggottail” Then he requested it to be his warrior name. The Erins never said this was true or false, but it could be assumed he wasn’t named “Maggotkit” as a kit.

    I hope this was helpful.

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