Giving Harry Potter Characters Warrior Names by Silverpaw

Silverpaw gives warrior names to characters from the Harry Potter series.

Artwork by yewphoria

Hi, Silver here! Today I am going to give Harry Potter characters warrior names! As a bonus, for my next article, Giving Warrior Cats Patronuses, you may submit some cats and their Patronus for me to consider.

Okay, lets start!

First, is Harry, of course! He is in Gryffindor, so I think Lion or Brave is a good prefix. Lets go with Brave. And for a suffix, maybe -spirit or -scar. I think Bravescar is a good name for him.

Now for Ron. Ron is famous for his red hair. So, Prefix should be Red. I think -spirit is a good suffix! So, Redspirit it is!

Hermione. The book lover (like me!). Maybe an herb, since she is good at identifying plants. I think Tansy is good. Or maybe Star, after the Blazing Star. So, say we go with Star. I think a good suffix is -spirit as well. So, Starspirit!

Neville. He has a toad, so maybe the prefix should be Toad. He loves Herbology, so maybe -mint or -leaf for the suffx. I think -mint is good. Toadmint it is!

Luna. Obvi, lets use Moon! For suffix, since Raven is a bird, and she is in Ravenclaw. So, Moonbird! Also, btw, Moth Flight is just like Luna!

Ginny: Maybe Rose, for her red hair? And suffix should be -flower! Roseflower!

Draco. I think his prefix should be Dragon. His suffix could be -heart. I know! Dragonheart!

Albus Dumbledore. I think Bumble for the prefix. Suffix can be -cloud. So, you get Bumblecloud!

Snape is a head of house. Slytherin, so snake. Suffix should be -heart, so Snakeheart!

Now I’ll hurry, cause its late.

McGonagall should be Lionspirit!

Prof. Sprout should be Herbleaf!

Prof. Flitwick should be Highheart!

Prof. Lupin should be Wolfface!

Prof. Moody should be Scarface!

Prof. Quirrel should be Darkheart!

Voldemort should be Snakeface!

Aberforth should be Hornclaw!

Hungarian Horntail should be……..Clawclaw!


Her name would be Horntail, of course!

Ok, now I am done. If you want to include your idea for cats patronuses, remember to put it in the chat.

I am ending this article here. Hope you enjoyed!

Silverpaw/stripe out.

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