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Naming Those Who Have the Heart of Warriors by Skypaw

Skypaw gives warrior names to characters who never received one.

Art by Redfall on Warriors Amino

Hey there! I wanted to start writing but didn’t know exactly how would I start simple. There it is! I give warrior names to characters who never got then!

Hollykit – Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s daughter. Died too young, poor she-kit. We don’t get to know much of her personality, all we see is that she’s curious but ALL kit are curious. So I’ll go for…Hollyflower, I think. Or Hollydust. I think they sound pretty. (Also, she looks like Dustpelt).
Larchkit – Hollykit’s sister. I’d go for Larchwind. Why? I dunno.
Ravenpaw – Ooooh, yes! We get to see his personality. I’d REALLY go for Ravenheart, it fits him well. Buuut, if he was named warrior along with his friends it would have been awkward “I name you Graystripe, Fireheart and Ravenheart”. Actually not that much, but stilll…I think that’s the best one but maybe Ravenfeather or Ravenwing?
Swiftpaw – Swiftheart!! Perhaps Swiftlion, Swiftbreeze or Swiftspirit. Or Swiftmoon.
Marigoldkit – Brightflower’s daughter who was killed by Brokenstar. I’d name her Marigoldleaf or Marigolddapple.
Mintkit – Marigoldkit’s brother. Gray tomkit. Mintsmoke or Mintstorm.
Petalkit – Mapleshade’s daughter. Petalfall, Petalstorm, Petalrain, Petalshine or (yes!) after her parents, Petaldusk or Petalshade
Patchkit – Patchclaw, Patchdusk, Patchshade, Patchdive.
Larchkit – Larchwing, Larchwish, Larchshade, Larchdusk.
Millie – Look, I don’t really like Millie, but if you do okay. I think Willowbark or Willowstream (yup exactly the reason you’re thinking).
Daisy – Daisysun, Daisyheart, Daisyflower.
Brook Where Small Fish Swim – Brookstream
Shrewpaw – Shrewflight
Snowkit – Snowheart, or Snowwing (not only for his death…). Perhaps Snowstorm (my favorite!)!
Deadfoot – What if his paw wasn’t twisted?? Darkleaf (he has green eyes on the wiki)
Crookedstar – If he kept his original name (cough cough RAINFLOWEEER), Stormheart!
Mosskit – Mossmist, Mosspool, Mossfur, Mossstorm, Mosssnow, Mossshine, Mossflower, Mossmoon, Mossfall, Mossheart
Mistkit – Mistpool, Mistrain, Miststorm, Mistheart, Mistfoot (after her mother, and not Mistyfoot!)
Nightkit – Nightsong, Nightshine
Sasha – Sandrain, Sandwave, Tawnystorm, Sandheart, Tawnyheart
Princess – Spottedheart, Dapplefur, Dapplepelt, Roseheart, Roseflower
Snowy – Snowylight, Snowymoon, Snowyheart
Jake – Flamepelt
Twigbranch – READ THIS ok I don’t like Twigbranch’s name because there were so many options! So here are some:
Smokekit, Stormkit, Lilackit, Lavenderkit, Silverkit…What do you think her warrior name would have been? Not Stormtempest, I’m sure!
This will keep on going! Wait for part 2!
What’s your opnion about those names? Would you name them differently?

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