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Should Tigerheart and Dovewing be together? by Cherryflight and Coalblaze

Cherryflight and Coalblaze wonder Tigerheart and Dovewing should be together.

Art by Ever-CW

Hey BlogClan! It’s Coalblaze!

And Cherryflight!

Yeah. You probably know her, but you probably don’t know me. (It’s Coalblaze btw) I’m a male, I like dogs, but I really love the Warriors series. I don’t normally post comments on BlogClan, (because I don’t have an email), but Cherryflight and I know each other in real life. So yeah, Cherryflight agreed to do one with me. (She’s a great writer.)

Thanks, Coalblaze. This article is about whether or not Dovewing and Tigerheart (Tigerstar 2) should be together. I’ve been preparing for this for a while. I normally write in a different style, but Coalblaze insisted that we should write like this. In this sort of format. So heeere we go.

Coalblaze: Not true! You’re writing one of these with Vinepelt aren’t you? Anyways, I’m on the side of Tigerheart and Dovewing. I donno about you, but to me they’re sort of like a power couple.

Cherryflight: I don’t see the appeal. I feel like they weren’t very good for each other.

Coalblaze: Tigerheart and Dovewing match each other perfectly. They both share a fondness for adventure and fun!

Cherryflight: But Tigerheart lied to Dovewing and in Omen of the Stars, he trained with the dark forest! You could argue that he didn’t even really care about her until later!

Coalblaze: Tigerheart was trying to figure out what was going on in the Dark Forest. He was there to spy.

Cherryflight: Good point, but think about this: in The Last Hope, Dovewing mentions him moving to ThunderClan for her and he turns her down.

Coalblaze: Uh…. Are you sure he turned her down?

Cherryflight: Yes.

Coalblaze: Okay. Well…. Can you quote it?

Cherryflight: “Next leaf-fall you might be living in ThunderClan,” Dovewing whispered. The idea made her warm. “We might have kits.” Cold air hit her pelt as Tigerheart drew away. “Whoa!” He glanced sideways at her, not breaking his pace. “That’s not important right now, is it?” His mew was light, but his words felt like a clawscratch on Dovewing’s heart. -Dovewing and Tigerheart (The Last Hope)

Coalblaze: Wow. Good point. But I still think that these two are good together! And Tigerheart cares about Dovewing’s feelings for sure!

Cherryflight: Of course, he cares about her feelings, but I feel like Tigerheart kind of makes Dovewing break the rules and lie to her clan. Plus, Dovewing gave up her ThunderClan for him! What did he give up for her? It’s like in the quote. She thought he might come to her clan so they could be together, but I guess Dovewing didn’t mean that much to him. Plus, all throughout Vision of Shadows Tigerheart was treating Dovewing badly until Shadowclan lived with ThunderClan. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN, they liked each other again.

Coalblaze: To be fair…. Dovewing WANTED to leave ThunderClan and hide when she was pregnant with Tigerheart’s kits.

Cherryflight: She wanted to because she was scared, and she knew no one would understand.

Coalblaze: Are you sure that Dovewing wasn’t bad for Tigerheart? How about looking at his side? We don’t know how Tigerheart felt all this time.

Cherryflight: That’s what I’m saying! They’re both bad for each other! An out of Clan relationship always causes drama and problems. Remember Leafpool and Crowfeather? Bluestar and Oakheart? And how about Graystripe and Silverstream? This has happened too many times and it hurts to watch them struggle to keep their own lives under control. Tigerheart left his clan as well when she left. Little did he know that at that time ShadowClan needed him most.

Coalblaze: For me, it hurts to see cats who love each other not be able to be together. I think that Dovewing and Tigerheart were a match made in StarClan.

Cherryflight: Uh, StarClan doesn’t approve of out of clan relationships, so I doubt that they are. And what about Bumblestripe? Dovewing liked him for a short time too.

Coalblaze: ….not really. In the book it said that she never could feel the same for him the way he felt for her. Plus, Bumblestripe isn’t Tigerheart! Think about Squirrelflight and Ashfur! Did Squirrelflight really like him? No, she didn’t. Ashfur was just a friend. Bumblestripe was always just a friend. It’s the same situation!

Cherryflight: You don’t know that Squirrelflight never liked Ashfur. In fact, for a while I think she did! (Even if it was for a short period of time.)

Coalblaze: But Ashfur wasn’t the same as Brambleclaw (star). Anyways, that’s not important. Tigerheart and Dovewing are.

Cherryflight: Yes. What I’m kinda saying is that the relationship was unnecessary.

Coalblaze: I think it’s amusing to watch out of clan relationships.

Cherryflight: You are amused by watching lies spin out of control? Dovewing had to lie to her own kin. Sure, out of clan relationships are fun SOMETIMES, but the cost was too big. I wish Dovewing hadn’t had to leave ThunderClan, and I wish Tigerheart could’ve stayed with ShadowClan instead of leaving to help Dovewing.

Coalblaze: Okay. I agree with that, I guess. To sum it up, my point is that I just think that they made each other happy, and I like watching out of clan relationships. Thanks everyone for reading!

Cherryflight: Yes, I hope you enjoyed it! Let us know what your opinion is in the comments! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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