Why you NEED to STOP defending Mapleshade by Mistystream

Mistystream shares their opinion on Mapleshade.

Official illustration by Wayne McLoughlin

i will be looking at both sides of the argument

Defending Mapleshade:
1. Appledusk
Appledusk cheated on her, and then blamed her for the death kits. Not exactly worthy of death. Yes he shouldn’t have cheated on her.

2: Her kits
Her kits drowned in the river, and im not going to go as far as blaming their death on Mapleshade. It was an accident, and it was horrible that everyone pinned the blame on her. Her dead kits kept haunting her and telling her to kill the cats she thinks wronged her. This was very disturbing to Mapleshade, who could hear them dying over and over again in her head.

Oakstar: Oakstar was evil. He threw a queen and her kits into a raging storm where they could die.

Accusing Mapleshade

1: Appledusk
Appledusk should not have cheated on her. It was wrong and terrible and unfair. But put it into perspective. If your dad cheated on your mom, so one day she murdered him, you would hate her right? You would think that she was evil. Cheating isn’t worthy of murder.

2: Kits
Yes she saw the kits in her head, but it was her imagination. The kits weren’t real. And having hallucinations is not an excuse to start massacring cats. This one is trickier.

3: Ravenwing
Ravenwing told Oakstar. In my opinion it was not his place to tell him. He should have given Mapleshade a chance to tell him herself. He did not deserve to die, no matter how annoying he is.

So this is hard to tell, we do not know what she did, but she has two cats confirming her story, so it more likely that hers is true. Also she shouldn’t have tried to help the kits. If she jumped into the river it would be suicide, she wasn’t strong enough to get a large enough branch to pull them to safety. It was too loud for her to call for help, and there was a Riverclan patrol coming. Frecklewsih did not deserve death or the dark forest

I’m not going to try to defend Oakstar. He was being a cruel unjust leader. Maybe he was justified by exiled Mapleshade, but he should have let her leave when the storm stopped for the safety of the kits. But Oakstar probably wanted the kits dead with how angry we saw him.

The dark Forest:
She trained and manipulated so many cats. She ruined Crookedstar’s life. She was basically in charge of the whole Dark forest operation. Tigerstar just sat around and did nothing. She killed so many innocent cats, and tried to kill Sandstorm just because she had what Mapleshade didn’t. Her avenging her kits was blown so out of proportion she was willing to destroy all of the clans.

So Mapleshade’s faults outweigh her positives. She is evil

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