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Who will they choose? by Sunpaw

Sunpaw wonders who these cats will choose as their mate in StarClan.

Art by uneasywolf (tumblr)

Hello! I am going to be sharing you all my opinions on ships and who will they choose so this is my first article so I hope you like it!

Clear sky: I would say Star flower because he was with her the longest and because he told Slash that he would give him all the prey they hunted and he was a good father to star flower’s kits while he didn’t be with Storm for long and he literally abandoned her and let her go! And I also think Bright stream cuz like Quiet rain said they were destined to be mates and they love each other like crazy so tell me your opinion in the comments!

Fire star: Sand Storm because he had a life with her and they had kits while Spotted leaf was just a high school crush and I hate Spotted x Fire! So obviously Sand Storm if he didn’t pick her I would be very mad at him!

Crow feather: It has to be Leaf pool because they become mates and have kits! They also go away from their clans to be together but come back after the badgers and if not Leaf pool then Feather tail

Berry nose: I would say Honey fern because he chose Honeyfern before Poppy frost that means he loved Honey fern more than Poppy frost and Poppy frost is just a second choice also Honey fern changed Berry nose into a kind warrior instead of a grumpy and proud warrior so yea

Pale bird: i think she would choose Sand gorse because idk i just think they belong together!🥰

White storm: Willow pelt because he was mates with her when Brindle face had her kits! Thats sooo rude! And still White storm was mates with Brindle!

Frog leap: I am pretty sure he would choose Moss pelt because he had kits with her and he broke up with Leopard star and well left her forever sadly so I am pretty sure he would be with Moss pelt because he died just to get carp for his kits

Patch pelt: Golden flower for sure because Robin wing was with Fuzzy pelt and Willow pelt is for sure with White storm but Golden flower’s Tiger star is in the dark forest so it has to be Golden flower

Jayfeather: So i would say Half moon because he said in Power Of Three that he felt a feeling of love or something like that and Jay wing x Half Moon is just toooo cute!

So I hope you liked my article and bye!

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  • Hi! Great article, I agree with you on everything! I also kinda like the idea for a Jay x Briar ship. And to you or the mods, you said “chose” in the title not “choose” 🙂

  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Interesting article! I agree with all of these except Feathertail and Jayfeather, and I like how you compared each relationship to list their individual pros and cons.

    For Feathertail, Crowfeather and Leafpool may have been mates and had kits, but their love was truly more of an infatuation – a short-lived passion. Above all, Leafpool and Crowfeather only had such immense feelings for one another for a moon… but, as Crowfeather states in Crowfeather’s Trial, “his feelings had faded”. Besides, Leafpool and Crowfeather did’t have a healthy relationship, given that Leafpool wasn’t completely honest with Crowfeather and tried to alter herself to be more likable rather than being who she was. And Crowfeather didn’t accept her decision to return to the Clans; instead, he and Leafpool were insulting and emotionally harming one another. If their relationship was so short-lived, how could they be mates for (hypothetically) an eternity without causing the same amount of stress, tension, and anger to one another? They hardly had any development (as in, moments together) before their feelings suddenly arose; those feelings couldn’t have been legitimate. Going off that tangent, many “cute” Leaf x Crow moments were actually quite corny and artificial – their scenes beneath the moon were those of most stereotypical cheesy couples.

    Onto Jayfeather! Jayfeather did love Half Moon, I’ll be honest. But the entire Power-of-Three-Ancient situation was quite confusing: Jay Wing may have loved Half Moon, but did Jayfeather? They had a few cute scenes, but I overall believe that Jayfeather would be better with Briarlight – he understood her and she understood him as well. The age gap is… not the greatest, but they both showed so much compassion to each other and clearly were close friends, if not more.

    Still, good job!