Snowkit Is Not Snowtuft by Violetfrost

Violetfrost debunks the Snowkit-Snowtuft theory.

Art by Ospreysplash

Helloooo everyone, it is I, Violetpaw/frost.

The Snowkit-is-Snowtuft theory is a very popular one. I never really liked it, and today I’m going to be explaining why that theory is false. I will be taking reasons that are used as evidence and proving why they aren’t true.

1. The same prefix
This isn’t a very good reason. Their pelts are the same color, and they have the same prefix, but Snow- is a very common prefix for cats with white fur. I checked the wiki and I could only find a single cat who had Snow- in their name and wasn’t confirmed to have white fur, Snowstar. There’s Snowfur, Snowbush, Snowbird, Snow Hare, Snow, Snowy, Snowdrop, and of course, Snowkit and Snowtuft. It’s an extremely common prefix for white cats, so I don’t see how that’s evidence for Snowkit being Snowtuft.

2. Snowkit hasn’t been seen in StarClan
There are many cats who have died in the series who haven’t been shown in StarClan. Usually, only cats who were important to the plot are seen, and Snowkit appeared in one book and then got killed by a hawk, so I don’t think he would be shown very often, and he’s definitely there, since he did literally nothing wrong.

3. Snowtuft came from nowhere.
That’s definitely not true. There are many gaps in the timeline of Warriors. Snowtuft was probably just born and died a while before Mapleshade. He could have been an ancient SkyClan warrior, who committed some kind of crime and went to the Dark Forest.

And now, for some proof against the theory

1. Their ages
In StarClan, cats cannot age older than they were in life. Mosskit is the age of a kit, Swiftpaw is the age of an apprentice. Snowkit died a kit and cannot age further.

2. Snowkit did nothing wrong
A kit wouldn’t be sent to the Dark Forest. Cats should only be sent to the Dark Forest if they committed a horrible crime, and it wouldn’t be safe to send them to StarClan. Snowkit was a kit, who just lived an average life and wouldn’t be sent to the Dark Forest. It’s extremely unlikely that he somehow wandered into the Dark Forest. I’m pretty sure some cat would notice him and make sure he didn’t go into the Dark Forest.

In my opinion, this theory just has too many flaws to be right and is very unlikely to be true. Thank you for reading this article!


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  • Firestorm (Storm with Fire at the Core) who is already getting into the holiday spirit and is excited for her birthday also cake and cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l says:

    Wait, people think snowkit is snowtuft??????????? there’s no way! I 100% agree!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snowkit wouldn’t have a chance of being Snowtuft. This article is very agreeable. Kits do not age in StarClan or the Dark Forest! You had very good evidence!

  • great article! i really dislike this theory… it’s just putting snowkit through unnecessary suffering and bullying in the dark forest… doesn’t seem very appealing at all

  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Creative article! I never really thought about this theory before, but I agree with you: it doesn’t make sense that Snowkit would be Snowtuft, when you analyze his life and actions overall. I like how you provided points explaining the theory and attacked those, and then provided even more evidence to support your claim. Good job!

  • This is a great article. I agree. Also, it is said in The Broken Code that Snowtuft himself has said he was in ShadowClan.