The Best and Worst of Warrior Cats by Bristlestorm

Bristlestorm lists who they think are the best and worst characters from the series.

Art by theDawnmist

The best and worst warrior cats is a good debate. I’m doing my top five and bottom five. Hope you enjoy.
Best #5: Jayfeather
Okay, I’ll confess: I love the grumpy boi! He’s got a smile under that and he’s stereotyped as grumpy, but he’s got a real heart, one that loves and braves the tough world of being one of the Three. If I had to carry so much on my shoulders, the problems would go too high and I’d drown in them. But the real reason I love Jayfeather so much is that he was willing to give up what he wanted (to be a warrior) to accept his destiny and that he’s not a flat Mary Sue like Hollyleaf was before she became 3D when she killed Ashfur.
Worst #5: Tigerstar
Tigerstar is evil. That’s the one word that sums him up. He was great as a kit, but somehow Thistleclaw changed him. I think if he’d stayed innocent, Firestar wouldn’t have been such a Mary Sue and would thus be more interesting.
Best #4: Shadowsight
My shadow boy…he saw so far into the shadows, and I love him. His arc is just so fascinating, and I forgive him for his fatal mistake. It was mainly due to his awesomeness that TBC was such a fascinating arc for me. The core of my love for him is the way he lives, though: he makes a great mistake that leads to so, so many deaths, and he’ll never be fully redeemed in the eyes of his Clan. I feel so, so sorry for him.
Worst #4: Mothwing
Don’t hate me! She’s great in the rest of the series, but in TBC, particularly Darkness Within, her character rots away. All that character development, all that awesome atheism that no other cat shares, fades away in TBC. Mothwing’s gone, replaced by an empty shell of a cat.
Best #3: Frostpaw
Say it with me! FROSTPAW! FROSTPAW! She’s the best living cat and one of the most interesting PoVs I’ve seen in a long time. I think her mother’s a-*covers mouth* WAIT TO READ WORST #3! Frostpaw is fascinating and deep, like the other best cats on this list.
Worst #3: Curlfeather
This is another don’t-hate-me. This may be subject to change after the rest of TBC comes out, but I think she killed Reedwhisker and that the feather sign was meant to show her as the murderer. I also think she poisoned Mistystar. She seemed nice but then I re-read River and realized. And I also know she encouraged Frostpaw to make sure her daughter was medicine cat!
Best #2: Bristlefrost
I love Bristle. She’s just so deep and real. If you don’t like her, then that’s okay, but I actually wish I could be more like her. If you think there’s higher praise than that, read on! Anyway, like I said, she’s so realistic, and I also love the way Fake Bramblestar (Ashfur) never suspected her. I love her love for Root and Stem, and the way she lives is just so fascinating. The way she dies made me cry…*SOB*
Worst #2: Rainflower
You knew this was coming, right? Rainflower favors Oakkit because of his looks! That’s just horrible! It’s so mean! Rainflower has a big inflated head, and I think Crookedstar made the right choice to save Willow.
Best #1: Graystripe
Graystripe is just the perfect cat. He’s funny and brave! He shouldn’t have died, and Ashfur is just the w-
I spoiled the next one, didn’t I?
Graystripe’s adorableness captivated me. I love him for all that he is, and that is higher praise than what I gave Bristlefrost.
Worst #1: Ashfur
Ashfur KILLED GRAY AND BRISTLE. He possessed Bramble! And he killed so, so many cats with no guilt, he is nothing, nothing, nothing to me. Thank you Bristlefrost for killing him!
I’ll be doing a part two soon! Bye!

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  • FROSTPAW!!! I absolutely love Frostpaw as RiverClan’s medicine cat. And Bristlefrost will always hold a special place in my heart. Curlfeather though… I never really thought about the arc moving in that direction. I guess it does sort of make sense, I think Sky has a lot to say about what happened next to Frostpaw, and I don’t think that Curlfeather would leave her daughter under that type of pressure.

  • Bristlefrost I love her she’s my favorite I LOVE BRISTLEFROST TO THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY AND BACK!!!!!!!! I think Lightleap killed Reedwhisker and Curlfeather is sus….

  • I absolutely hate the ending of Light in the Mist. Bristlefrost did not deserve to die, and it annoys the heck out of my sense of justice the way Ashfur dies because not only did Bristlefrost have to die too, but Ashfur died by drowning. DROWNING!!! I’m sorry, but I was expecting a Tigerstar-style death for him. HE DESERVES IT SO BAD!!!