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Why Thistleclaw is an awful cat (Even excluding Spottedleaf’s Heart) by Lilacpool

Lilacpool explains why Thistleclaw is still a bad cat.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Thistleclaw is not a good cat

So I don’t know why but I’ve seen a fair bit of Thistleclaw apologism going around lately. People saying he’s a good cat and that Spottedleaf’s Heart isn’t canon. I’m sorry, but the reality is, Spottedleaf’s Heart is canon whether we like it or not. The authors have said it’s canon and we are not the authors. You can’t just say he isn’t a pedophile because you choose to ignore one book. You aren’t entitled to saying what is canon and what’s not. Headcanons are fine, but Thistleclaw’s grooming nature has already been confirmed.

And even if you do disregard Spottedleaf’s Heart, he’s still a bad cat. He abused his apprentice. He made Tigerpaw beat up an innocent kit almost to death just because it stepped onto the wrong side of the forest. And you can’t say Bluestar’s POV is skewed as it’s literally not but even if you do, Spottedleaf’s Heart and Rise Of Scourge confirm the exact same thing. And grief does not justify abusing children. Crookedstar, Bluestar, Sparkpelt, Rootspring, Ashfoot and many more all lost their mates and didn’t go on to abuse kits. In fact Thistleclaw even abused his own son. He made Tigerpaw and Whitepaw train using claws and called Whitepaw weak.

And for those who think he was at least a loving mate, have you read Crookedstar’s Promise? In this book, while Crookedpaw/jaw is training with Mapleshade, he sees Thistleclaw training violently with I think Silverhawk. And in that scene, he calls both Snowfur and Whitepaw weak. He also blamed Snowfur for her completely accidental death. He does not care for her like you defenders think. Also do you think Snowfur would want him to take out his grief on Bluefur and apprentices? I think not.

You can’t cherry pick like one line where he’s nice and caring and then ignore literally everything else that makes him a vile cat.

In conclusion, I hate pedoclaw I mean Thistleclaw and it’s fine to like him but stop defending everything he did, disregarding canon and spreading false information about him. It achieves nothing, I’m sorry. There is no justifying his actions and he was written to be a minor villain.

Rant over.

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