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Was Hollyleaf really a bad cat? by Dreampuff

Dreampuff wonders if Hollyleaf really was morally in the wrong.

Art by KenjiCotton (RedBubble)

Hello fellow Blogclanners! This is my second article, and today I will share my opinions on Hollyleaf! Was she really a bad cat at heart? Let’s get started!

let’s start with the fire. Ashfur tries to kill them just to hurt the cat that they think is their mother. he shows no mercy and is pretty cruel to the three. no wonder Hollyleaf hates him. know Squirrelflight. she is pretty blunt, and just throws it out there: …”they’re not even my kits”…. and she tries to act like she doesn’t care what Ashfur will do next. (even though she did this to protect them, Hollyleaf doesn’t quite understand this yet.) so at this point, Hollyleaf is traumatized, she hates Ashfur for wanting to hurt her, Squirrelflight, and her brothers, and she feels hurt by Squirrelflight for never telling them and acting like she never cared about them. (even though she did, a lot.)
Ok. next. a while later, we find Ashfur dead. barely anyone notices, but there are marks of murder on him. Later, we find out that it is Hollyleaf who killed him. Hollyleaf hates him. this is obviously because he tried to murder her and her brothers simply to make someone sad. he had no really good reason, and was just planning to throw away the their lives. Hollyleaf now feels justified in her actions, but I don’t think she was really thinking when she killed him. she thought she was protecting her family so Ashfur couldn’t tell everyone their secret. even if you say she had no regret, I don’t believe this is true.
Later at the gathering, she was feeling so much guilt for breaking the code that she has to tell everyone because she is a strict code follower. even though this puts her brothers and parents in danger, I don’t think she realizes this just yet, but when she does, she is overcome with guilt.
Now, I know you said Hollyleaf tried to kill Leafpool, but she really didn’t. she basically just told her to eat deathberrires, but didn’t force her in any way.
after all these things, almost getting killed by Ashfur, killing Ashfur while blinded with rage, telling the clans about her parents, and now wanting to kill Leafpool. she runs away to the tunnels, and I believe it is because of all her guilt and rage and stress. we could never understand, but I assume it is like trying to take her own life. at this point, she was no longer thinking logically and was just done.
these are my opinions on Hollyleaf, and how yes, she did do some bad things, but i think she thought she was doing it for the right reasons.
Have a good day!

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