[image description: mistyfoot, thistleclaw, brambleclaw, firepaw, and ravenpaw are depicted with literal representations of their names]

15 more Warrior Names Taken Literally by Icemist

Icemist takes more names by their literal meanings.

Art by iycewing

Hi! I’m Icemist, but most of you might know me by Misty. I published an article (check it out: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2022/06/16/20-warrior-names-taken-lit) and I saw that many liked it. I found out that I also enjoyed making these sorts of articles, so here’s part 2!

(Spoilers for all books released(I think), and for some of them, I’m just making fun of the name, I might actually like the character. So I’m sorry if I offend some of your favorites)

Hollowbelly: Omg, his belly is hollow! HE MUST BE HUNGRY. Feed him all the fish in the world!

Foxheart: You know, this is actually a great name! Because personally I hate Foxheart, and I guess she really does have the heart of a fox.

Jagged Peak: Ok, so he must be very sharp. It’s REALLY jagged. His mate Holly is also sharp. Wait, they’re a perfect match!

Cloudtail: So his tail is a cloud. So Cloudtail is a flying cat? But if he’s in the stars, why doesn’t he believe in StarClan? Come Cloudtail! You can do better!

Rainflower: Okay, so are you saying that this flower produces rain? Really? Is that why she’s so mean to Crookedstar? Not to mention he was born in a storm as well.

Runningwind: Oof. Runningwind must be running around a lot, if he’s running as fast as the wind! Is that why Dappletail got bored of him and went around to flirt with Stormtail? Because Runningwind was too busy running?

Turtlecrawl: *turtle crawls* She *turtle crawls* must *turtle crawls* be *turtle crawls* very *turtle crawls* slow *turtle crawls* at *turtle crawls* moving. That was very slow.. Right?

Sneezecloud: *ACHOO* That must be a very fast cloud, if she’s sneezing herself around a lot.

Leafpool: Oh no! She decomposed into a pile of leaves! All the kids will jump on her!

Flywhisker: So does she have flies for whiskers? Ew, I feel bad for her…

Yellowfang: Wow, her teeth are VERY clean. VERY. Oh who am I kidding, clean those teeth Yellowfang!

Raggedpelt/star: I’m sorry, but who would name someone RAGGED PELT? Like he literally has a ragged pelt, maybe he should comb it some time.

Ivypool: Is she basically just a pool of poison ivy? Why would anyone want to jump in THAT?

Longtail: How long is his tail? Because apparently, google says the longest tail was 17. 58 inches.. He could probably annoy many people at once with his tail!

Heavystep: So this cat seems to have a heavy sounding footstep? Hmm, I guess he’s not good for spy missions, right?

And that does it for this article. I know it’s pretty short, but it’s all I could think of at the moment. I hope everyone enjoyed it and cya next time!

(Sent the article in 7/10/22, if anyone’s wondering)

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