[image description: three cats lay on each other. a grey tabby cat with orange eyes is on top and has its right eye closed and has an arm around the other two cats. an orange cat with green eyes is in the middle and has its left eye closed. a black cat with light green is on the bottom and looks up at the other two with pink lines on its cheeks to denote a blush]

My top ten favorite warriors characters by Rainbowheart

Rainbowheart lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Lest9906 (Twitter)

Hello kits, apprentices, Warriors, elders, Med-cats, leaders, and deputies!
I’m Rainbowheart, and welcome to My Top ten Favorite characters list!
I like a lot of cats, but can I narrow my huge list into just ten favorite picks?
Let’s find out!
Shall we get started?
Well start at 10, and go down the list, and discover my all time favorite warriors character!
Get ready for a wild ride to favorite characters!

Why does Hollyleaf get showered in hate?
This cat did not deserve to die!
She is not a Mary Sue, because a Mary Sue is a person with no flaws, and Hollyleaf has flaws.
If someone breaks the Warrior code a Teensy-tiny bit, she explodeds.
She is also very, um, narrow-minded.
So Hollyleaf is not a Mary Sue.
She is a good character!

•9 🤍GrAystripe➖
Who doesn’t love GrAystripe?????
Firehearts best friend, Kind cat, And one who loves his mate with all his heart!
Who cares if he broke the warrior code?
Anyways, Graystripe is a great cat, and he totally deserves this spot on my list.

•8 🐦Thrushpelt🐈
Before you ask: Why????
I’ll tell you:
Thrushpelt, although a mint or character, did no harm.
He had a crush on Bluefur, (A big crush) and when she became pregnant with another toms kits, he did not get super angry, or was mean to Bluefur. He excepted the fact that they wouldn’t be together, and moved on.
Thrushpelt is great!

•7 ✨Brightheart 💗
This cat is SO great!
I love her relationship with Cloudtail!
It’s really sweet!
It’s really sad how she got her eye clawed of!
Swiftpaw was all like, “it will be fine!
We’re not gonna die! And then he gets Brighthearts eye ripped of, and gets himself killed!
Hmmmm…..Swiftpaw is not on my list of favorite characters. Anyway, on with the article!

•6 🔥 Firestar ⭐️
I love him!
He’s a great leader, a kind warrior, and would do anything to stay out of battle!
He’s my only warriors crush!
Wait…I said that?
Yes! I have a crush on Firestar!
This is getting embarrassing…. let’s Move on!

•5 🐝Bumble🐝
My fav kittypet!
I love Bumble and Turtle Tail!
I fell really bad for Bumble!
Think of all the suffering between her and Tom!
I felt really hopeful when she wanted to join…. let’s call it Hollowclan!
Bumble is

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