Why Snowkit had had to die by Dewpaw

Dewpaw explains why Snowkit’s death was important.

Art by AnnaGiladi

Hello there Blogclaners!
Dewpaw here to explain why precious little Snowkit (TPB) had to die. And why if he lived, could have destroyed the forest.😔


So I understand that Snowkit couldn’t really be a full warrior of Thunderclan without always needing help. But to be fair, Jayfeather managed just fine, though he was blind, not deaf. So, the only logical thing was for him to be a med cat appreciate…. But of course Jayfeather was suppose to be the next med cat so that was taken. And if Snow not became med apprentice then Jayfeather would never have become med cat and (gasp!) the power of three would have been compromised!!😥😥 and if they never happened, just THINK of all the bad that would have come. Sol would have taken control of Shadowclan and then all the rest. Also not to mention all the dark forest stuff. So if Snowkit survived he would have destroyed the forest and all the clans.

Or of course the other option would be for him to retire vary early. And Starclan would never want that. So as you can see, little Snowkit had to leave. He was taken by a hawk. (Which is why I agree with Cate that his name would be Snowhawk😜)

And if I can just share my opinion real quick I think he should have somehow found his way to the Tribe and been called Snow Fall That Burdens Hawk AKA Snow. It would have been touching for Starclan to try to find him a new home instead of just killing him. We need A novella called Snowkits Refuge.

Anyway I wish he could have lived, but I get why he couldn’t, it would ha e been too hard to manage realistically… LOL Warriors? Realistic? 😆

Also if you look back in the books, his mother, Speckletail had been around since the beginning so she was older and should have been an elder at that point. But the fact that she kept trying to mentor him, then Snowkit and Beackenfur is just😭 (Honestly! We need more fan support of Snowkit and Brackenfur! One of my favorite Mentor+Apprentice)

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