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My 5 favourite characters by Dapplebright

Dapplebright lists their favourite characters from the series.

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It’s Dapplestar, (again😅) Hi guys!! These are my favourite characters and why:

5. Dovewing:

Dovewing is actually a really kind she-cat and just wants everyone to be happy! I think she is the total opposite of a Mary-sue, really. She may be naive and rash at times but Dovewing is a good character and I personally like her better than her sis, Ivypool.

4. Shadowsight:

Don’t you just love this nervous boy? He is my only favourite tom actually and one reason I really like is that he is relatable. Like how he messes up and gets stressed and over thinks a lot. He is a true medicine cat, even without the powers or approval from Starclan (like Mothwing).

3. Daisy:

What a lovely, kind she-cat Daisy is! I really like her and her personality in general. Daisy is also very helpful in the nursery and always caring for them <3

2. Leafstar:

I <3 you soo much! Leafstar is such a girlboss and the best leader so far. I just really like her and I think she is an excellent leader. Period.

And my all-time favourite… *Drum roll, lol*

1. Twigbranch☆
This kind, bubbly she-cat has been my favourite character since I started reading Warrior Cats (I started from AVOS)! She deserves a star next to her name because she is one! I don’t get why people hate you (I prefer her a lot more than her sister, Violetshine). You have been my number one and always will be. Another opinion is that I think Finleap is an okay cat but a jerk to Twig (about the kits as you probably know).

Honourable mentions (Cats who I really like too but aren’t on the list):

Cats who I dislike (just so you know):
-Hollyleaf (she went a bit crazy after y’know and I think she was overreacting)

That is all for now, Bloggers! (I’m on a roll for article writing lol) I felt like this would have been good for my first article but I guess I had other plans. Have a good day/night or whatever time of day.

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