What if Hunger Games Characters Were Warrior Cats? by Frostwillow

Frostwillow makes some Hunger Games characters into Warrior Cats.

Today I’ll be turning Hunger Games characters into Warriors characters! I will be giving them a clan, rank, appearance, and warrior name. ***There will be some minor spoilers ahead***

Katniss Everdeen: In the book, she is described as having straight black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. She is also said to be pretty light for her age. If Katniss were a cat, I think she would be a skinny, pure black cat with pale blue eyes that appear gray. Her name would be Nightfrost. Her prefix would be Night after the berries she almost ate at the end of the first Hunger Games, and her suffix would be frost to fit her independent personality and cold exterior. I was going to put her in RiverClan because she is one of the only people outside of District 4 to know how to swim, but RiverClan cats are said to be well fed and Katniss is not. I put her in ShadowClan because ShadowClan territory is a forest, just like where Katniss hunts, and ShadowClan is also the smallest territory, just like how District 12 is the smallest district. Katniss would be a leader and because she takes on sort of a leadership role in Mockingjay and just has the overall abilities to make a good leader. She does have children, but considering Katniss and Peeta’s relationship in Hunger Games sort of breaks gender stereotypes and that I think Peeta would be willing to watch over their kits so Katniss can focus on the clan, I think he would take the role of queen instead (I also just think we need more toms to do this, after the kits can eat regular prey they don’t even need their mothers so any cat could watch over them).

Name: Nightfrost
Appearance: Thin black she-cat with pale blue eyes that appear gray
Rank: Leader
Clan: ShadowClan

Gale Hawthorne: In the book, Gale is said to look like Katniss: they have the same black hair and gray eyes, and people think they look like siblings. Gale is also said to be muscular and handsome. If he were a cat, I think he would be a muscular, mostly black cat with a small white patch on his chest just to make him look slightly different than Katniss. He also has pale blue eyes that appear gray. I think Gale’s warrior name would be Thornblaze. Gale is a strong, traditionally masculine character who is a skilled hunter and fighter, so I chose a name that represents that. I was originally going to give him the prefix Breeze, but didn’t feel like it fit his personality. As for Gale’s clan, I think ThunderClan fits him. By the end of Mockingjay, Gale and Katniss aren’t as close as they once were so I don’t want to put them in the same clan. Gale spends a large portion of time in the forest hunting, so I think ThunderClan would suit him. I think Gale would make a good deputy, maybe even leader. To make him less similar to Katniss, I am going to make him a deputy.

Name: Thornblaze
Appearance: Muscular black tom with pale blue eyes that look gray and a small white patch on his chest
Rank: Deputy
Clan: ThunderClan

Peeta Mellark: In the book, Peeta is described as being medium height with a stocky build, has ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead, and has blue eyes. As a cat, he would definitely look different than Katniss and Gale. If he were a cat, I think he would be white with ginger tabby spots and blue eyes. As for Peeta’s name, he would be Ryeheart. Rye because he is bread boy, and heart because he is charming kind, and generous. As for what clan fits him most, I think he belongs in WindClan. I was going to put him in RiverClan because he is better fed than Gale and Katniss due to being the baker’s son, but it is stated in Catching Fire that he can’t swim. Peeta doesn’t hunt outside District 12 and WindClan is not in a forest, so I think that clan fits him best. Like I said earlier, I feel like Peeta would watch his kits after they were old enough to eat prey. He would also be a warrior, but probably wouldn’t be good at things like fighting or hunting because he isn’t good at those things in the book. Instead, Peeta would do things like help the medicine cat or maybe even repair the camp like Dustpelt. Also, ignore the fact that Katniss and Peeta are in different clans because it would be boring if they were in the same clan.

Name: Ryeheart
Appearance: Stocky white tom with ginger tabby spots and blue eyes
Rank: Queen/Warrior
Clan: WindClan

Thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun writing this but am sadly out of time. I might do a part two, mainly because I want to do Finnick Odair.

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  • I have my own versions for this AMAZING ARTICLE!

    Finnick Odair:
    Name: Bravestorm
    Appearance: Powerful gray tom with green eyes and a darker swirls.
    Rank: Warrior
    Clan: RiverClan (Starclan)

    Prim Everdeen:
    Name: Primrosepaw (canon but deal with it)
    Appearance: Small white she-cat with gray spots and a plumed tail.
    Rank: Apprentice
    Clan: ShadowClan (StarClan)

    President Snow:
    Name: Snowtalon
    Appearance: Intimidating pure-white tom with piercing rose (colored) eyes.
    Rank: Leader
    Clan: ThunderClan (Dark Forest)

    Name: Jaysong
    Appearance: Scrawny russet she-cat with brown eyes.
    Rank: New Warrior
    Clan: SkyClan (StarClan)

    Name: Cinnamonstripe
    Appearance: Kind tom with a fluffy coat and a kink in his tail.
    Rank: Medicine Cat/Warrior
    Clan: ThunderClan (StarClan)

  • This is an amazing article!!!!! I love The Hunger Games and think you turned them into cats very acuratly. 🙂

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