[Dovewing and Ivypool stand back-to-back with conflicted expressions]

Why I like Ivypool better than Dovewing by Firestorm

Firestorm shares why they don’t like Dovewing.

Art by Biscuit-Trash (new account: botanical-purgatory)

Hi! This is Firestorm with my second article! As you can probably tell, I like Ivypool better than Dovewing. A LOT more. I am going to give a few reasons why:

1. Dovewing is a whiner. Have you noticed that when she first gets her powers, the only thing she thinks about in her perspective is “Why do I have to be the one who has powers? Why me??????” Then, when she LOSES her powers, she’s all like, “I feel blind and deaf without them! How will I live?????” She even goes to a tunnel cave and trys to hear her echo, leaving the clan to wonder where she is. Think about someone else for once, Dovewing, PLEASE. (most on the info on that is in Bramblestar’s storm, btw) While the WHOLE time she’s whining, when her life is actually good, Ivypool is going to the Dark Forest, where she could possibly be KILLED, and NEVER EVER go to StarClan, and all for the sake of being a spy! Does she complain? NO. In the chapters on her perspective, she is just afraid! (sorry for the long rant)

2. The Tiger x Dove ship. It is one of the stupidest ships, in my opinion. Dovewings all like, “My kits can’t be born in ThunderClan! So I’m going to leave and force Tigerheart to go to! Even though his Clan DESPERATELY needs him!” Seriously, girl, listen to what your sayin’! She also leaves Ivypool desperately wondering where she went! Poor Ivy. All she ever did was love her sis. And then, when Dovewing comes back after just 1 or 2 MOONS, she expects to be let back into the clan, when she ABANDONS them for Tigerheart/star! I can’t believe that Ivypool forgave her! She is amazing.

3. Overprotection of Shadowsight. When Shadowsight was a kit, Dovewing would never let him go ANYWHERE because of his seizures! In Tawnypelt’s novella, Tawnypelt realizes that she has to take Shadowkit to the mountains. She explains to Tigerheart/star, and Dovewing immediately is like “No! Don’t take my baby! You are evil!” Which is really annoying. And when Bristlefrost has to go to the DF, Ivypool REALIZES that this is what Bristlefrost was born to do!

Ok, I’m finally at the end of my rant. Really gave it all I got. Bye!!!!!!!!!!

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