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Analyzing Bluestar: Her Life by Scarlettfur

Scarlettfur takes a look at Bluestar’s life.

Art by Shyranno’s Art (tumblr: shyranno)

Hey guys! Scarlettfur here, Leafleap said she doesn’t want to write this one so here I am! So today I’ll be analyzing Bluestar. Man! The last time we made a article together was on March 6th, we still have some in the makings!

I will put some reasoning first, and also apologies if I use my outside voice BlogClan!

1. My theory.
What I think is that Mapleshade knew this would happen. She trained Thistleclaw for this! She knew Pinestar would leave and make Tigerstar who he is! So she knew about everything that would happen and looking into the future she messed with it. She made Snowfur die, leading Bluefur into sorrow. Then made Snowkit die. Leading Bluefur into more sorrow, plus she had to give her kits away to save the clan!!! Then Oakheart died. THEN TigerClan happened! Then her son was killed!! That was my theory!

2. Her Super Edition.
So her life was made to be horrible in that book, but it wasn’t so bad that if I read it I would cry. I’m not like Leafleap! But her mother died. So I feel bad for her, her father wasn’t the best father. No offense!

3. After Her Super Edition.
She really did belive anything, now I’m not calling her gullible but she kinda is. She believed that Redtail was killed by her old mate then he died? Pfft as if. Then she should have been nicer to Ravenpaw and not have given him to Tigerclaw to apprentice. *shakes head* tisk tisk tisk.

4. Rusty joins.
She was given a prophecy, she listened to the prophecy. But it could have been any cat, it might not have even been him! Lucky for her she was correct, but if she was wrong that would lead to the fall of ThunderClan, leaving three clans, but it would end up as the fall of all clans because TigerClan would win, she had to be wise in this but she just decided with no common decency!

5. Her Last Breath/StarClan
She went mentally insane. She gave Brightheart the name of Lost-Face. But, she did save her clan. So I guess she is a okay character. Now she did fight in the great battle, she didn’t die but she helped, and I know that she didn’t belive in StarClan before her death so I’ll assume that Cloudtail and Mothwing with both also go to StarClan once they die.

So, this is bye for now! More articles to get to work on!

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