Happy Birthday, Nightwind !

It’s Nightwind’s Birthday !!!

To-night (and today !) we all celebrate with you ! 🎉

*throws confetti in the air*


From Swiftpaw/feather!

I wrote you a birthday poem ! I hope you like it ! 😀

Near darkness blankets every
Inch of the setting, yet traces of a few
Gusts of wind are perceptible,
Hovering over the buildings
That seem to soar into the heart of the
Winter sky. Only now do the other
Inhabitants of the city appear:
Numbers of cats and other kinds of
Daring pets, all going out on an adventure.

It’s a blueberry cake ! Especially for you 😀

Hey, Night ! How’s your birthday going ? How are you planning to celebrate ? Are you doing anything with family and/or friends ? If you’d like, share your plans with us in the comments – we’d love to know ! 😀

You’re awesome, Night ! You’ve made so many friends in the time that you’ve been here and we all love chatting to you !! You deserve an amazing day, and I hope it is absolutely fabulous ! 💙

Now, there’s one thing left to say…


🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!