Comparison Time! Warriors vs. Selfless (Part 1) by Jaycloud

Jaycloud compares Warrior characters to characters from their book, Selfless.

Selfless by Jaycloud

I wrote a book called Selfless. It has a wide range of characters and was really fun to write, and this morning I noticed the similarities to Warriors in their experiences/personalities. So why not compare them?

I am trying to publish Selfless, but it isn’t officially out yet, so you can ask me on the Tavern for the link. (I would say click my name, but that has my podcast instead. Check that out too though!) That being said, this may include some plot spoilers for it, so you might want to read something else if you want to be surprised when it comes out. Or you can ask me on the Tavern, and read that before reading this. It’s only 40 pages long, but it’s up to you!

There might also be some Warriors spoilers. I’ve only read up to DotC, so there won’t be anything past that. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin.

The best match I can think of is Hollyleaf. Kelsey can’t trust others, and when her trust is broken, she feels betrayed. At some point, she even threatens to use lightning and strike the moon, despite not being able to control lightning. Perhaps it was just an empty threat as an example? I’m not sure.
Hollyleaf is similar. When she breaks the Warrior code, she can’t even trust herself. She killed Ashfur and didn’t trust herself enough to keep the secret. Then she ran away when she couldn’t handle it.
Memories. Kelsey lost hers, and although she didn’t know what happened, she was delighted at her powers! Hollyleaf is the opposite. She hated not having powers, and ran away, as mentioned before.
Speaking of powers! Kelsey is an Elemental who controls air, and has a star that contains her power. On the other hand, Hollyleaf is a cat without powers or an object. That’s… kind of the whole plot of PoT.

“‘I thought we were friends! We finished telling secrets when we were Down Below. Can I trust you anymore?’ I know I shouldn’t have trusted her so easily. I’ve been skeptical about her from the start, and she betrayed me. I should’ve known. This is why I don’t have friends. They’re pointless. Better to be alone than to have your heart broken by so many people over and over again.” -Kelsey, pages 15-16

Both Melody and Firestar had a sort of rags-to-riches story. Firestar started in a twoleg’s home, separated from his family. It was a fine life, but he wanted more. He ran away and became leader of ThunderClan.
Melody became an orphan at 16 years old. It was difficult, but she managed to find a job. She earned enough to buy a ukelele, then she quit and ran away. Much later, she was taken prisoner by Devillan, who at that time was the king of the fourth dimension (aka the Selfless world,) and (MAJOR SPOILERS!) married Devillan. She ruled the fourth dimension as an evil queen until she was brought to. (SPOILER OVER)
Both Melody and Firestar had a successful family, became respected rulers, and although they were both drawn down paths with unintended consequences at times, they managed to survive for a long while.

“I blink, then closing my eyes and wishing it was a dream, lean forward. Our lips touch, and I feel cold fingers grip me. He holds me closer, looks me in the eyes, and kisses me longer this time. I begin to feel my surroundings. Wait. NO! I panic and faint as I realize what happened. IT has arrived. The black tentacles grip me, pulling me up into the sky. Devillian grins, and I see my friends screaming.” -Melody, page 24

It’s all about their attitude. Both are kind of… they don’t really care. I’m sure we all know Jayfeather. I can’t describe it, it’s just his personality. He hates how everyone takes special care of him, even going so far as to hide things from him, when he’s clearly as capable as everyone else, if not more capable!
Jade is quite similar. She has a condition called narcolepsy, so when she experiences strong emotion, she falls asleep quite easily. Due to this, Kelsey and Melody are skeptical about sharing secrets with her because they’re unfamiliar with her condition and fear she can’t be trusted.
Jayfeather and Jade both have abilities that make up for their disabilities. Jayfeather can enter StarClan, along with much more. Jade has hallucinations, and can see the auras of others around her.
They’re also both very defensive. Jayfeathers’ sharp tongue is part of his character, and it’s the same with Jade. However, while Jayfeather is better at healing, Jade is proficient in attack- particularly kicking others in the face.

“I stare into Kelsey’s eyes, studying the colors, and take a deep breath. ‘When will she wake up?’ I say.
‘I don’t know. It’s been about ten minutes,’ she replies. ‘I wonder what’s happening for her.’
‘What’s happening is that I’m awake. What are you two doing? Why are you staring at me like that?’ Jade asks. Kelsey jumps.
‘What… what were you doing? What happened?’
‘Having hallu-’ She stops abruptly. ‘I’m just tired, that’s all.’
‘No, continue,’ I say. ‘I’d like to know too.’ I pull out my ukulele, just in case I need to use it to know.
‘NO!’ she screams. ‘I JUST MET YOU AND I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SECRETS THAT YOU AREN’T GOING TO TELL ME!’” -Melody’s perspective, various characters, page 13

Alright! Those are the comparisons of our main characters! I’ll stick the link at the end of the article, in case you want to read it. There are some real-life names and last names, because I’m trying to figure out how to publish it, so please be careful when reading those. I hope you enjoyed!

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