Dark side of warriors by Ravensong

Ravensong takes a look at the dark side of Warriors.

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Hi there, I’m the one, the onlyyy.. Raven song! I just began blogclan, and I’m a senior warriors reader, but it ain’t mean I don’t know my way.

Anyways, I was reading the power of three and I decided to think deep and relate this t real life. Now I love , no, adore the authors ideas, especially in the first series, and these books are child friendly, but when reading long shadows, I’ve witnessed multiple adult problems and themes:
-Cult practices
-Ancesteral worshipping like gods
-Politics debates
-Religious debates
-Obsessive behaviours
-Child murder
-Child birth
-And last but not least racism
I just listed everything that shouldn’t belong in any kids book(Though it has shown up in WoF). But warriors makes it a bit too… exciting. Like ..*Gulp* them child birthing. The book series doesn’t do well with cat sizes, but when it comes to membranes surrounding small helpless kits.. um, why do they exaggerate it every time it happens. Like, why would a kid need to know about spasms and all that stuff, when they’re targeted at youngsters.
And racism, it actually potrays a big part in it. The same way people put racial slurs on their own species, the cats do the same thing. When it comes to house cats, they call them ‘kittypets’, and rouges are also called ‘loners’. And even among them as cats, they call them thunder or river clan, even getting disgusted by the other latters scent.
Then the deaths.. they’re a bit too harsh. Getting mauled by a pack of dogs, drowning in a different dimensions poisonous waters, poisoned, giving birth.. ugh, too much. And the ways its described.
Then, if I were to put all this into human perspective… these cats ae actually in cults. Think about it. A group that worships their ancestors like gods, and made up their religion and rules in it. They even split among themselves to distinct, like different countries but still following the same religion. And that’s what cults do, in fact. Make an unofficial religion have people(like medicine cats) to get signs for them from ‘gods’ and then worry about it. It didn’t help that they also gather to talk about it all and whenever someone breaks the warrior code, or doesn’t believe in Starclan, they’re said to be doomed for.

So… that’s all I’m going to say. The tribe of rushing water also follows this but I ain’t gonna talk abt them now. I truly love warriors if not then why wouldn’t be here, I just wanted to talk about something kinda suspicious that no kid’s book I’ve ever read has demonstrated be fore.
Bye! And may Blogclan light your path!

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