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Giving Warrior Names To The Kits/Apprentices that never got them by Silverdusk

Silverdusk gives warrior names to characters who never received one.

Art by GrayPillow

Hey there! My name is Silverdusk and today I’m going to be giving warrior names to cats that never got them. I’m doing over 15 cats here, so this article might take awhile lol.


Shrewpaw is the son of Ferncloud and Dustpelt and the littermate of Spiderleg. Shrewpaw was an apprentice back in the forest territories and was born between The Darkest Hour and Firestar’s Quest. And this dark brown tom died during Dawn, hit by a monster during his courageous effort to catch a pheasant to feed his starving Clan. I think that ‘Shrewfang’ would be a good warrior name for him, because it signifies Shrewpaw’s good hunting and fighting skills and his overall courage.


Smokepaw is the ShadowClan apprentice who died on the Great Journey. He fell over the edge of the cliff and was killed on the rocks below. I think that Smokestorm would be a good, powerful warrior name for him.


Talonpaw is a ShadowClan tom and Rowanclaw’s apprentice. He died after the Great Journey, during Twilight, killed by a vicious kittypet. This tomcat died a noble death, fighting to defend his Clan. Talonclaw could be a good warrior name, signifying his fighting skills and also Rowanclaw’s mentorship, or Talonwing.


Hollykit is also Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s kit, like Shrewpaw. She was born alongside Birchfall and Larchkit (I’m getting to him) in the litter after Shrewpaw and Spiderleg. This young kit didn’t get to live to see the lake territories or to become an apprentice; she died of starvation before the Clans had even left on the Great Journey. I think Hollyberry or Hollycloud would be a good warrior name for this little kit.


There are 2 Larchkits– one is Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s daughter and the other is the son of Mapleshade and Appledusk and I’m going to do both of them. First, the tom Larchkit, sadly drowned in the river between ThunderClan and RiverClan. I think Larchleaf or Larchshade would be a good warrior name for him.

Now we have the 2nd little Larchkit, the daughter of Ferncloud and Dustpelt. She died the exact same way as Hollykit: starvation. This young she-cat’s warrior name could be Larchsong.


Patchkit is the son of Mapleshade and Appledusk and the brother of Larchkit & Petalkit. He drowned with both his siblings. I think Patchdawn would be a nice warrior name for this tiny tomcat.


The sister of Patchkit and Larchkit and the only daughter of Mapleshade and Appledusk, this cat’s life ended sadly when she was swept from her mother’s grip along with her littermates and carried downstream through the swollen current to her doom. I like the name Petalmoon or Petalfall for her.


Minnowkit is Crookedstar and Willowbreeze’s daughter. She died with her mother and sister Willowkit because of greencough, leaving Silverkit (stream) as the only survivor. I think Minnowbreeze would’ve been a nice warrior name, as a tribute to Willowbreeze.


Willowkit is Minnowkit’s sister, who also died because of the deadly greencough. Willowkit could’ve been called either Willowmoon or Willowmist, because those are both pretty names in my opinion, or Willowheart, which is another tribute to Willowbreeze. Write which one you like the best in the comments!


Snowkit is Speckletail’s deaf kit. He was snatched away from camp by a hawk. Snowtail would’ve been a nice warrior name, acknowledging Speckletail and her refusal to give up on her son.


Juniperkit is Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s kit. He had barely taken a breath before he went to StarClan, which is very sad. He probably had the shortest life of any warrior cat ever! I think Juniperstep or Juniperleaf would be an okay warrior name.


Dandelionkit is Juniperkit’s sister. She lived a bit longer than him but died before she could be apprenticed. Because Dandelionkit is such a long name, I would probably give Dandelionkit a warrior name like Dandelionfur, something shortish.


Flickerkit is Sparkpelt and Larksong’s kit and the only of his litter to die. I think Flickerpelt or Flickerbreeze would be a good warrior name for him.


Mosskit is Bluestar and Oakheart’s daughter. She froze to death by Sunningrocks before she could be right to RiverClan with her littermates, Stonekit and Mistykit. Mosskit’s warrior name could be Mosspatch, because she had white and grey patches, or Mossfur, in honour of her mother’s warrior name, which was Bluefur.


Hopekit is Yellowfang’s daughter. Medicine cats are forbidden to have kits, so Yellowfang broke the med cat code to have kits with Raggedstar. I think Hopemoon or Hopeheart is an okayish warrior name. It’s all I can think of lol.


Wishkit is Hopekit’s sister. She died with her in the forest, without getting a chance to meet her Clan. I think Wishfern or Wishmoon would be a good warrior name. Same as Hopekit, I can’t think of anything.


Emberkit is from DOTC (Dawn Of the Clans) and is the son of Wind Runner and Gorse Fur. His littermates, Morning Whisker, Moth Flight and Dust Muzzle survived, though Morning Whisker eventually died of illness. I think Emberheart would be a nice warrior name.


Snipkit is Birdwing and Sagenose’s son. This SkyClan tom drowned in the river on the same day that SkyClan was driven from the gorge by Darktail and his fellow rogues. I think Snipnose, Snipstripe or Snipblaze could be a possible warrior name for him.


This kit is one of Leopardfoot and Pinestar’s daughters. And Tigerstar’s dead sister! She was born weak and died only a few days after her birth. Mistbreeze would be a nice warrior name.


Nightkit is Mistkit’s littermate and died at the same time. Nightwhisker or Nightmist could be a nice warrior name for this little kit.


Swiftpaw is probably the most well known cat on this list. And he arguably died the most tragic of deaths. Swiftpaw died fighting the wild pack of dogs In the woods in an attempt to prove he would be a good warrior. Swiftclaw would be a good warrior name, honouring his courage.


Perchkit is Mistyfoot and Blackclaw’s son. I think he died of sickness?
I’m going to say Perchwing for this cat (I think that’s already a Riverclan cat, sorry if it is!)


Primrosepaw is Perchkit’s sister and the only daughter of Mistyfoot and Blackclaw. I’m going to say Primrosefur or Primrosetail for her.


Pikepaw is Mistyfoot and Blackclaw’s final kit. Apart from Reedwhisker, but he got his warrior name so he doesn’t have to in this article. I think that Pinefang or Pikeclaw would be a good warrior name for him.


I’ll beat you don’t remember who Morningkit is! If you haven’t read Crookedstar’s Promise, then you almost definitely don’t know. So, Morningkit is Graypool and Rippleclaw’s daughter. She was a RiverClan kit, who died of sickness. I will say Morningmist would br a good warrior name.


Splashkit is Morningkit’s brother. Maybe Splashbreeze or Splashpelt would be some good warrior names?


Swankit is Graypool’s final kit. Swanwing or Swanfeather would be a nice warrior name for this kit.


Robinkit is Mosspelt and Frogleap’s kit. He drowned during a flood.
I’m going to say Robinfeather or Robinflight for him. Or Robinleap, just to honour Frogleap.


Woodkit is Robinkit’s brother and died the same way. I can’t think of many good names for this kit.
Woodblaze maybe?

And that’s all the cats I have! Thanks for reading my article and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!
Bye 😛

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