Jessy And Cody: My Favorite Kitty Pets And Why I Love Them by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw takes a look at the kittypets, Jessy and Cody.

Art by Ospreysplash

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for The New Prophecy and Bramblestar’s Storm!*

Hello! I’m Turtle, and today I’ll be sharing reasons that I like my two favorite kitty pets!

There are are many kitty pets I like, but Jessy and Cody are my favorites! They’ve been tied as my favorite kitty pet for a while now. Since I really like both of them, I thought that making an article about why I like them was a good idea!

Let’s begin! 😀

Why I love Cody
Cody is awesome! There are just so many things about her that are amazing. Her sense of adventure, her kindness, her good heart. I also think that her friendship with Leafpool (Leafpaw at the time) was super sweet! Their friendship is definitely one of my favorite Warriors friendships! They really cared about each other, which I thought was super sweet.

Cody also treated Birchkit with kindness. Her relationship with him was also super sweet. She was also really nice to Ferncloud when the ThunderClan she-cat was grieving, and comforted her. Cody truly had a kind heart- she’s probably one of the kindest kitty pets in Warriors!

I would definitely enjoy it if Cody appeared in the books again. A novella about this kindhearted kitty pet would be amazing! It could explain her life before and after interacting with ThunderClan, and also show various events from her point of view. (Her friendship with Leafpaw, her mother/son relationship with Birchkit, her opinions on ThunderClan in general, etc.) I think that would be a very interesting novella!

Why I love Jessy
Jessy is such a good character! She’s smart, has a sense of adventure, can be really sweet sometimes, and she’s totally selfless! She can come across as a bit bold at times, but she’s totally a sweetheart!

A lot of people dislike- even despise- Jessy. But I personally really like her! And most of the time, people’s reasons for hating her don’t make sense!

“She’s a Mary-Sue!”
Bramblestar’s Storm is told from the perspective of… well, Bramblestar. He’s in love with Jessy- of course he views her as perfect! Others don’t notice our own flaws as much as we do. Of course the book isn’t going to focus on Jessy’s flaws- Bramblestar wouldn’t notice them!

And kitty pets knowing how to climb trees and catch prey really isn’t uncommon! It’s not Jessy ‘being a Mary-Sue”- it’s actually pretty common for kitty pets to know how to do that!

“She stole Bramblestar from Squirrelflight!”
Nothing like that ever happened. Jessy literally left ThunderClan so Squirrelflight and Bramblestar could be together- she truly is caring enough to help heal the relationship of two cats she only knew for a short amount of time.

“She’s mean!”
No, not really! Jessy is many things- energetic, chatty, bold, selfless, caring- but she isn’t mean. If she was mean… why would she selflessly give up a future with Bramblestar so he could be happy with Squirrelflight? If she was mean… why would she protect a mother bird? If she was mean… why would she stand up for Amberpaw when Spiderleg was being bossy? If she was mean, why would Jessy do all of those kind things?

Jessy is my favorite kitty pet (tied with Cody, of course <3) because she’s awesome, and I love her personality!

Jessy and Cody are definitely tied as my favorite kitty pet in Warriors. They’re both amazing in their own ways, and they definitely have their differences, but they’re still great characters.

There are literally hundreds of characters in Warriors. And Jessy and Cody would make my top twenty favorites- which is really saying something, considering just how many Warriors characters are in the books.

I hope now you understand why Jessy and Cody are my favorite kitty pets. Perhaps they’re your new favorites as well! 😉

Have a lovely day!

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