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Dictionary of Clan Terminology by Sunny Cat

Sunny Cat lists terminology used in the Warriors universe.

hello all! this is my first article on the blog despite being an active member for over a year and a half. all terminology is taken from the warriors wiki while i wrote each definition (ive also decided to keep each definition relatively simple so that warriors fans of all reading levels can enjoy the dictionary). note that this article does not include insults and phrases (eg: mousebrain, may starclan light your path, etc).

idk what else to say now so lets just get on with the article:

carrionplace – (noun) a rubbish tip
claw-moon – (noun) a crescent moon
crow-food – (noun) rotting animal flesh
cutter – (noun) a vet, especially one that spays/neuters house cats
dirt – (noun) faeces
dirtplace – (noun) a toilet space used by clan cats
fox-length – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about about 80 cm
fresh-kill – (noun) a freshly killed animal
greenleaf – (noun) summer
greenleaf twolegplace – (noun) a summer camp
halfbridge – (noun) a boat dock
half-moon – (noun) two weeks
horseplace – (noun) a field/farm/stable where horses are known to live
kitstep – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about half an inch to one inch
kittypet – (noun) a house cat
leaf-bare – (noun) winter
leaf-fall – (noun) autumn/fall
loner – (noun) a cat that lives alone
making dirt – (verb) defecation
moon – (noun) a month
moonhigh – (noun) midnight
monster – (noun) any vehicle
mouse-length – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about two to three inches
newleaf – (noun) spring
pawstep – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about 15 cm
quarter-moon – (noun) one week
rabbit length – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about 45 cm
red stone – (noun) brick(s)
rogue – (noun) pretty much a loner but usually more aggressive
season – (noun) three months
sharing tongues – (verb) when two or more cats choose to groom each other
sharptooth – (noun) a cougar/mountain lion/puma
she-cat – (noun) a female cat (known by humans as a queen)
silver boulder – (noun) a rubbish bin
silverpath – (noun) a train track
silverpelt – (noun) a term used to describe the night sky when many stars (which are said to each represent a member of StarClan) are visible
silverthorn – (noun) barbed wire
smooth boulder-thing – (noun) a toy ball (eg: football, basketball, tennis ball, etc)
soft boulder – (noun) a cushion/pillow
sundown – (noun) dusk/sunset
sun-drown place – (noun) a beach/the sea
sunhigh – (noun) noon
sunrise – (noun) one day
sunup – (noun) dawn/sunrise
tail-length – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about 30 cm
tree-eater – (noun) a bulldozer
tree-length – (noun) a measurement equivalent to about 15 metres
thunderpath – (noun) a road
thundersnake – (noun) a train
tom or tomcat – (noun) a male cat (in the human world the term is typically only used to describe males that haven’t yet been neutered but this appears to be different in warriors as henry – a kittypet that has been fixed – is still referred to as a tom on his wiki page)
twoleg – (noun) a human being
twoleg kit – (noun) a prepubescent human
twoleg nest – (noun) a building
twolegplace – (noun) a village/town/city inhabited by numerous humans

well, i hope this guide was useful for some of you 🙂

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