Top Five’s – Cats who risked their lives to save others by Woodheart

Woodheart lists characters who risked their lives to save others.

Art by JUNIPERMARSH23503 (Warrior Cats site)

Note: Hello! it’s me Woodpaw/Woodheart and this is my first article ever. If you want me to keep doing top 5’s, let me know! Thanks for reading – Woodheart :3

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD (Unless you finished broken code) But no spoilers about any Super Editions!

5 – Spottedleaf – Okay, I know she is overrated and she is VERY annoying, but I had to put her on the list to celebrate the things she did that were abeseloutely awesome. She saved Sandstorm’s life. And lots of people like her more than Spottedleaf. Mapleshade wanted to take evreything away from Sandstorm but Spottedleaf was like “No no no you don’t”, and came in and saved her (Sandstorm) from a horrible fate.

4 – Needletail – So I myself am not a huge fan of Needletail, but I know a fair amount of people are. I like a few things about her. She’s fierce, protective, and, well, sadly died to save Violetpaw’s (Shine’s) – life. She has definitely broken the code more than any cat should, but she payed the price and watches over Violetshine’s family from her cozy home in the stars.

3 – Bristlefrost – No, I wont but her a the very top of my list, but not at the bottom either. I have no problem with her, but it made me very sad to see that she died. Bla bla bla, you all know the story about her, how she saved all the clans. And Shadowsight. She was brave, but I wish she did something else to save Shadowsight instead of “Im going give Ashfur a lesson and see how he likes it!!” and with that, it sealed her watery fate.

2 – Jayfeather – He is the BEST. Jayfeather is just awesome. He is blind and he can ‘see’. He has powers. He risked his life to save a grumpy Flametail. And Dawnpelt banshed Jayfeather from his duties because she was angry at him! And best of all, he put up with all of this. If you are a Jayfan, please let me know! Also let me know if you are a Ravenpaw fan!

1. Firestar – Hmmmm, I dont remember putting Firestar on my list… 😉

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