Giving Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Characters Warriors Names by Streampaw

Streampaw gives warrior names to characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hello, warriors, apprentices, medicine cats, elders, kits, queens, and our wonderful leader, and welcome to another article! This time around, I’ll be comparing two of my favorite media (Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Warriors) by giving warrior names to a portion of the many characters in this popular Nintendo game. Before we get started (for those of you who haven’t played Animal Crossing NH), I’ll give a brief overview of this game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very sought-after Nintendo video game that made its release in 2020, just when it was needed most. It became very renowned shortly after, with millions of players enjoying its easy-going yet very entertaining atmosphere. Today, two years later, the game has received a large number of purchases.

In ACNH (an acronym for the game), the player lives on a ‘deserted’ island, along with animal villagers and special characters, the prior who they’re supposed to befriend and interact with, and the latter of whom have either a position of authority or some economic/collecting value and are supposed to help the player on their quest. The object of the game is to improve your island, whether that improvement is cultural (building the Museum), economic (setting up Nooks’ Cranny, the Able Sisters, and other shops on Harv’s island), decorative (collecting a variety of unique items and clothing and decorating with them), or concerning relationships (getting to know your fellow villagers!). There’s no specific ending for the game.

Now, a while back, I was thinking of making a comparison article like this one about Warriors and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as I wanted to exhibit my love for both! But I didn’t have inspiration until I read a great article by Osprey titled ‘Which Warriors Cats Would Make the Best Animal Crossing Villagers?’ and suddenly, my creativity returned.

There will be a second part to this article about giving Animal Crossing villagers (which I’ll explain in that article) warrior names, since I don’t want this one to be too long and to bore you readers. Look out for the second part!

So now, I’ll be giving warrior names consisting of a fitting suffix and prefix to special characters from ACNH, based on their appearances, catchphrase(s), personality, interests, and much more! Let’s begin!

Special Characters

Whether it’s Tom Nook, Isabelle, Blathers, Gulliver, or Mable & Sable that we’re discussing, special characters have a crucial role in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Their purpose is to support and provide for players, but even though they might not be meant to befriend (except for Sable, because she’s special), each of these animals has a significant personality and career, and they can’t be ignored.

1. Tom Nook

Ah, where would we begin without Tom Nook, the renowned owner of Nook Inc and the very reason that this game exists?

Tom Nook, a brown raccoon often seen wearing a button-up shirt with his symbol, the leaf, on it, is essentially the ‘boss’ of the player’s island and its economy. He’s been very innovative and offers many services and benefits. Of course, he is a bit greedy for Bells (ACNH’s currency), but he also helps you obtain apps, DIY recipes, items, and a lot of other excellent things! He is mainly well-meaning and positive, and he’s a country guy.

After some time of procrastination and indecisiveness, I decided on Leafstripe as a name for Tom Nook! Why Leafstripe? Well, my friends, I mentioned earlier that the leaf is Tom Nook and Nook Inc.’s symbol, so why not include it in Tom’s warrior name? As well as this, it keys into Timmy and Tommy’s names as well, and why not have the three businessmen’s names slightly match? As well as this, the -stripe suffix describes Tom Nook’s species and appearance, and Leafstripe sounds like a generally authoritative yet positive name.

(Note: Logically, given that Tom Nook, other than the main player, is essentially the island’s leader, I should name him Leafstar. However, there’s already a Leafstar (who happens to be my second favorite character).

2. Timmy and Tommy

Timmy and Tommy are twins, and they sure look the part! The only difference between these two raccoon brothers (other than their names, of course) is the pitch of their voices since Tommy (the younger brother) has a slightly higher-pitched voice! The duo runs the Nooks’ Cranny later in the game, and in the beginning, they sell you many things and provide some important information! Like their boss, Tom Nook, the two are mainly very helpful and considerate.

And so I’m naming Timmy and Tommy… Sproutbranch and Stemsqueak! Sprout and Stem are very similar words in meaning (of course, I could’ve named Tommy Budsqueak, as that would be a better synonym since the stem is an entirely separate part of the plant, but alas…) and they both relate to plants, which relates to leaves, which relates to Tom Nook! Tommy’s name is fitting because of his tendency to repeat the last words that he or Timmy said in a squeak, and because of his higher-pitched voice! As for Timmy’s name, Sproutbranch… well, I’m not exactly sure why I chose this name, but never mind that!

3. Blathers

There is no other owl as knowledgeable, charismatic, or, well, blathering than Blathers from Animal Crossing. This befeathered creature is the curator of your island’s Museum and an owl. Contrasting to real-life behavior, he is asleep during the daytime and awake at night. Blathers detests bugs, but he’ll grow very excited at the sight of other creatures, fossils, and works of art. He is portrayed wearing a green bow tie. Blathers is an intelligent, kindred spirit whose dream and passion is the completion of his beloved museum.

For Blathers, I’m choosing the name Owlhoot! Not only does it describe Blathers’ species, but it also adds his reactions and manner of speaking. Blathers hoots about how much he loathes insects, he hoots delightedly when you donate fish, fossils, and art, and, most of all, he hoots all the information about an organism that he knows to you when you ask.

4. Isabelle

Isabelle, like Tom Nook, has a very crucial role on the player’s island. She’s responsible for the day’s announcements, for taking feedback from unknown writers and addressing what to do to improve the island, and for taking care of misbehaving villagers.

But Isabelle is more than just her authority. She’s a yellowish-cream Shih Tzu with an adorable ponytail-like tuft of hair on her forehead. She’s hard-working and earnest, yet (sometimes) distracted by her puzzles. She, like many others, is kindred, compassionate, and warm-hearted, but the difference with Isabelle is that she’s also very positive and optimistic, never daunted by negativities.

Due to these reasons, Isabelle shall be known as Sunnyspirit. Sunnyspirit is a name that describes her optimism and kindness as well as her golden fur and brightness. Isabelle is a character that shines, so why shouldn’t her warrior name shine as well?

5. Mabel and Sable

Mabel and Sable are two wonderful hedgehog sisters who work at the Able Sisters, a fashion shop that the player can obtain later in the game. The two are committed to offering the best clothing available!

Mabel is always very peppy and welcoming, from the moment you first meet her. She wears plaid and green apron that contrasts nicely with her spiky blue quills. She’s quick to help her customers. Sable, on the other hand (or should I say paw?), came come across as reclusive and grouchy at first sight. But no, she is not a grump! Sable is one of the shyest yet most empathetic and generous characters in the game, befriended after a while of talking. She shares stories from the past with the player if they talk to her, and even gives them fabric for Custom Designs! No Animal Crossing game would be the same without this red-quilled, soft-eyed, determined hedgehog! She looks out for her younger sister, Mabel, and they have quite a relationship!

I’ll name Mabel Brightquill, for her willingness to help and her peppiness, as well as her bright-colored blue quills. As for Sable, she’ll be Petalmist, for her original false grouchiness (the -mist part of her warrior name) and for her sincerity, generosity, and kindness!

6. K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider is Animal Crossing’s most favored musician/singer, and for good reason! This snow-white dog not only plays the guitar well, but he also sings, and his presence on the player’s island every Saturday is a welcome treat. He’s a mellow yet passionate character who truly enjoys his job.

Frostsong will be K.K.’s name! Because of his love to sing and play and his white fur, this name fits K.K. perfectly.

7. Harv

Who is Harvey, better known as Harv, anyways? Well, he’s the owner of Harv’s Island, where players can do photoshoots and special events later in the game. He’s a cocker spaniel who represents the stereotypical hippie with his sunglasses, long hair/ears, mustache, and open vest. Harv acts absentminded, though he’s actually a very excitable, (wanting to be) helpful dog. He loves birds and nature.

I’ll name Harv Birdflash! The prefix is based on his love of birds and nature, and the suffix connects to his job with photoshoots.

8. Gulliver/Gullivarr

Gulliver and Gullivarr are two sailors/pirates who have a tendency to wash up on your island’s shore. These seagulls attempt to call their crews, but either their communicator parts for their phones are lost, or the phone itself is. Both will plead with you to locate and return these parts and will be very thankful when you do. They’ll gift you some pirate/sailor-related items over the new few days.

Given that these two are so frequently lost from their ships, names beginning with Lost- would probably be more fitting, but I’m not going to pull a Bluestar. Instead, Gulliver will be known as Seafeather, for his species and job as a sailor and Gullivarr is going to be named Oceangrowl, for his being a pirate and for his similar tendency to become lost.

9. Brewster

Brewster might not like to weave sentences and talk a lot like Blathers, but this rooster is still very important! He works at the cafe inside the Museum, and makes the best (and only) coffee on the island! He might seem straightforward and blunt, as proven by his words, but as the player begins to purchase more hot coffee, he reveals portions of his soft side.

Brewster’s warrior name shall be Coffeetalon. Clearly, the prefix is based on his ownership of the cafe and job of pouring the delicious, caffeinated drink. As for the suffix, the meaning behind -talon might seem slightly less obvious. I chose -talon as the second part of Brewster’s name, as it relates to his species and implies his candid yet seemingly harsh personality.

10. Harriet

Harriet, a puffy-pelted pink poodle (wow, look at my alliteration skills) is the co-owner of Harv’s Island and a fashionable hairstylist. She has an enabler attitude and compliments the player on their fashion and looks. If the player doesn’t like the hairstyle given to them, she’s understanding and flexible.

For her pink fur and job/love of hairstyling, Harriet’s name will be Poppypelt! This name also sounds quite cheerful and positive, just like Harriet herself.

11. Celeste

Celeste, Blathers’ sister, loves stargazing and is found most frequently during nighttime or the evening on the player’s island. She’s a red owl with pinkish cheeks and a pale pink-and-white plaid design on her stomach. Celeste will give the player recipes and teaches the player how to wish on a shooting star to find star fragments. She is sensitive, calm, and quiet.

Moongaze will be Celeste’s name, based on her stargazing hobby.

12. Flick and C.J.

Flick and CJ are two characters who appear randomly, or during Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourney. Flick is a reddish chameleon who wears black clothing and earrings. He’s a big bug enthusiast and loves each and every species of insects and arachnids, no matter their appearance. Flick is also an artist who will create bug commissions, in the form of sculptures. He can across as moody, but he’s in touch with his emotions and aspirations.

Meanwhile, CJ is a beaver depicted wearing a vest and board shorts. He loves fishing and fish themselves! His partner is Flick, who will create fish sculptures at the player’s request (after the player brings CJ at least 3 of the same fish species).

Flick will be known as Bugspark, for his love of the insects and arachnids that inhabit the islands, as well as his reddish color and enthusiasm. As for CJ, he’ll be known as Fishsplash, for his passionate feelings for the sea-dwelling animals and his viewers.

13. Other Salespeople

13. Other Salespeople

The following will be the final characters in this article to gain their very own warrior names! Most of these characters are salespeople/residents of Harv’s island, so I’ll provide a very short summary of each of them (their roles are less significant).

Primarily, Redd, a mischievous and tricky fox who sells the player works of art – both genuine and fake! I’ll name Red Foxstalk for this – because of his sneaky behavior and species!

Secondarily, Leif, a plant-selling sloth who especially loves shrubs and produce starts. Leif shall be known as Shrubbloom, for his adoration and business concerning plants!

Thirdly, Katrina, a black panther fortune teller on Harv’s island, wearing fancy clothing. Katrina will be Crystalsight, for her regardment of her crystal ball and her powers of foresight!

Fourthly, Resse and Cyrus. This alpaca couple consists of a blue, furniture-making husband (Cyrus) and a pink, leading wife (Reese). Cyrus will be Blueheart for his blue-colored hair and love of heart crystals, especially during the wedding season event. Reese will be Pinkfur, for her pinkish pelt!

Next, Saharah, a rug-selling camel who might seem a bit strange but is very unique. Saharah will be known as Sandstep, for her species.

And finally, Kicks – a skunk selling shoes and other accessories. Kicks will be known as Stripefoot, for his being a skunk and his entrepreneurship.

That wraps up my article! My sincerest apologies if it’s overly long or under-embellished – I try my best. Any and all feedback is welcome; I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you agree that the names I created are fitting for each character? Do you like Animal Crossing? Reply in the comments down below! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next article!

-Streampaw/lark, 8/02/2022

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