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My top five favorite cats (There are some minor spoilers in Light into the Mist and River) by Cinderflower

Cinderflower lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by mischief-and-lava (tumblr)

Squirrelflight: Yes, I love her she was supportive when her sister Leafpaw/pool was having Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf and when she helped the sisters and she had to go to Starclan yes, though her mate Bramblestar disagreed on having kits she still felt loved. Though she disobeyed her mother and father a lot I like how she was independent and did the right thing and though she was a little naughty and a nuisance when she was a young apprentice she still cared.

Sandstorm: She did have a lot of attitude towards Fireheart/star during the first and second book but then once Sandpaw/storm saw Firestar in a new light she started being affectionate to him, though he was pretty ignorant to her feelings she was always so kind and caring towards him. In Rising storm, she showed a lot of caring when Cloudpaw got carried away by the Twolegs she helped Fireheart find Cloudpaw. In a Dangerous Path though she wasn’t exactly supportive when having to help Tallstar and his Clan. She explained how it just wasn’t right but she did support it. And then she had Squirrelflght and Leafpool.

Lionblaze: I like Lionblaze because he always cared and he was already really nice and though he cared about Heatherpaw/tail and, though he was disobeying the warrior code and not listening to the rules and not telling his siblings the truth he didn’t care and though he didn’t know much he was failing through his training and he didn’t realize till Ashfur told him. When Lionpaw fought Ashfur he saw Ashfur looking like he wanted to kill him I think that was selfish. Once he left Heathertail he became much stronger. When Lionblaze and Cinderheart started dating I think they work better than LIonblazexHeathertail.

Nightheart: I’m not that far into the series I’m on Omen of the stars but, I like Nightheart never wanted to be like his great great grandfather Firestar he wanted to be himself and be honored for who he was but he did have qualities like Firestar and he always felt like he couldn’t look up to being Firestar but then he met Sunbeam and she was very supportive when he did fail to be a warrior but he did get his name changed to be honored by the name of Nightheart.

Alderheart: I like Alderheart because I like how jumpy he is because he wasn’t that spunky like Sparkpelt and then when he has to help find SkyClan and though he didn’t want to bring Sandstorm wanted to go. He was very sad when Sandstorm died. I liked how he was able to stand up to Windclan and was able to get catmint from them though he got help from Kestrelflight, I like how he was taking his time though he was struggling to get his warrior name and everything when he was going to hunt for Skyclan he met Needletail and he became so much more confident because he was able to hunt and then he was able to go hunting much better white Molewhisker was a bit pressure. He was not happy having Flipclaw forced. When Squirrelflight took Alderheart back he went back to the medicine cat.

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