Warrior Cats Deaths: Their Last Words by Snowkit

Snowkit lists the last words spoken by cats before their death.

Art by NatameSecrea


Hey everyone! The name’s Snowkit, and this is my first article. I may make this a series, if you all want, but let’s just get into it!
(Excuse any mistakes)

Firestar – ‘‘You live like a rogue, you die like a rogue.’’
Of course we have to start off with the great, prophesied leader, Firestar. It was such an iconic moment in OotS, but also a bit confusing. He didn’t die because of Tigerstar, nor the fire/lightning, but due to his wounds? I don’t know.

Whitestorm – ‘‘Trust your heart, Firestar. You have always known that Graystripe is the cat destined to be your deputy.’’
This is, like, one of the most known ‘last words’, but I don’t care. Everybody was saying, ‘‘OoOhHh, WhItEsToRM LiEd…’’ But technically, he never stated that Graystripe was also destined to be the leader, just the deputy in the meantime. And besides, he couldn’t make an APPRENTICE (Bramblepaw) his deputy.

Yellowfang – ‘‘Thank you for bringing me to ThunderClan. Tell Bluestar I have always been grateful for the home she gave me. This is a good place to die. I only regret that I will miss watching you become what StarClan has destined you to be.’’
So I guess we are on a roll with TPB deaths. Anyways, I wanted to throw my book across the room when I read this. But at the same time, she really just wasted her breath here.

Silverstream – ‘‘Goodbye, Graystripe, I love you. Take care of our kits for me.’’
Dangggg. I never really liked her, anyways. And didn’t Graystripe think his kits were dead? Lol. My favourite part was probably when Cinderpelt(paw??) had to argue with Tigerclaw when the kits were born.

Swiftpaw – ‘‘Don’t worry! There’s nothing here!’’
I loved Swiftpaw so much, especially his friendship kind of thing with his mentor, Longtail. All he wanted was a warrior name, Bluestar. A warrior name! Anyways, there was clearly a large pack of dogs there, which kind of sucked ._.

Brokenstar – ‘‘What did you feed me?’’
This was, like, the most epic ‘your mom’ moment in Warriors. Anyways, I decided to go with a bad guy for the last one because why not. If you want me to make a second, I’ll put in Bluestar, don’t come at me. He’s like my favourite villain, other than Mapleshade or Sol, because I like stupid villain’s, if that makes any sense. Except Mapleshade.

So that’s all my ‘creative’ mind can think of right now. If you want a second one… uh… okay, I’ll try. I’m very sorry if I spoiled anything for you, but that’s how I felt when I-

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