Happy Clanniversary Scorchlight!!

AH – it’s your big day!!

image description: a grey tabby cat with mouth wide in what appears to be a smile

almost four thousand whole comments later!!

image description: a cat with head tilted towards the camera, appearing to be smiling

you’re always such a supportive presence on the blog, a very fun self-proclaimed chaotic neutral, quick to compliment others on the art page, as well as a great game host!!

a chocolate frosted cake with what appears to be logs and flames forming a campfire on it

we appreciate all you do for the Blog, all the way back to your very first comment:

Great article! I LOVE Feathertail!

image description: a dog and a cat curled up in front of a camp fire

I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more of your Clanniversaries!!

🪷 🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 🎶 🤍 aka Lil 🌷💫 lookin for something dumb 2 do 💫🤍 🍒 mentor to the amazing mintpaw! 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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