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Guide to writing an article by Mothpaw

Mothpaw shares a guide on writing an article.

Hi! Mothpaw here, also known as Mothy! In this article I will be telling you how to write an intresting, thought out, article! This article is mainly meant for new people, who are stuck on how to even start an article! But people who´ve been on the blog and have written articles as just as welcome. Note: I am not a professional, but I´ve improved!

Introduction- This part is easy, you say hello and tell them a quick blurb about the article your writing. But make sure that your introduction has a focus on one thing. If your article is like: Giving KOTLC characters warrior names or like Giving warrior cats alternate names (these are examples) It can focus on many things. But I reccomend not mixing topics, like writing about ships and Feathertail at once. This will make your article confusing and might not match up as well as you want. (Don´t spend to little on your intro, don´t spend to long on your intro, make it just right. Your article has to be 350 words long.)
Your information peices- An article should have a decent amount of information, and should be researched before written. Like Into the wild, thats the first book and if your far into the series and want to write about Into the wild, I think its best to re-read it. If your positive you remember, you don´t have to re-read (I always re-read before writing an article about a book, I just think it gives me a better result.) I think 4 peices of information is very good, and will give you no issue to write up to 350 words.

Info 1, Info 2, Info 3, and Info 4- Okay, these are your facts! Lets see, if I was writing about Crowfeather, one good info peice would be ¨Crowfeather had an intresting apprenticeship, he was known to be grumpy and sharp. But became more soft after Feathertail´s death..ect.¨ Remember to have fun and maybe add some pictures 😀

The middle-It mostly focuses on your point, what your trying to tell the person reading! Like: Feathertail is not a mary sue! She is loyal, yet has some unintended flaws in her lifetime..ect…

The end-Well the end is like, what I´m about to do right now!

I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if I sounded like an english teacher helping you write a book-report 😛

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