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Why I Love and Dislike Graystripe by Icekit

Icekit shares their opinion on Greystripe.

Art by klaracrystalpaws

Hello everyone, I’m Icekit, and this is my first article. This is what I love and dislike about Graystripe!

I’ll start with what I love about him first.

1. Graystripe was a really good friend to Fireheart.
In A Dangerous Path, The Prophecy Begins, Leopardstar was about to leap onto Fireheart when Graystripe yowled a warning to Fireheart.
If he didn’t, Sunningrocks could be in the paws of RiverClan. “Graystripe was the first Clan cat I ever met. He jumped on me when I strayed out of my housefolk’s garden. I’d heard tales of the wild cats that lived in the forest, but I’d never seen one. No cat ever had a better friend.” Firestar, Sunset, page 250.

2. He is loyal to ThunderClan.
In A Dangerous Path, The Prophecy Begins (sorry, there’s so much to describe about Graystripe in that book!), there was a battle at Sunningrocks, and Graystripe warned Fireheart that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were about to attack Bluestar. If those two RiverClan warriors had attacked Bluestar, Sunningrocks might’ve had a higher chance to take over Sunningrocks – another point to prove that Graystripe was loyal to ThunderClan. He didn’t know that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were Bluestar’s kits. He was only driven by loyalty. Then, Leopardstar ordered Graystripe to attack Fireheart to prove his loyalty to RiverClan. Graystripe refused, didn’t he? That shows his loyalty had stayed with ThunderClan – from what I see, he only went to RiverClan because of his kits, Stormfur and Feathertail.

3. He returned to ThunderClan.
When he was captured by the Twolegs somewhere in The New Prophecy, he came back in The Power of Three, right? But when he was captured, he learnt that life as a kittypet wasn’t all that bad. He could’ve just given up his life as a warrior and become a kittypet. The journey to find the Clans was exhausting – he could’ve stayed at his Twolegplace. But he went on with it. This proves that he was determined to go back to ThunderClan.

Now this is why I dislike him. I have only one point for it.

He mated Millie!
I seriously hate Millie, sorry MilliexGray fans! I really don’t like Graystripe for this. Why couldn’t he be loyal to Silverstream? Silverstream is in StarClan, watching down on you, Graystripe! He even had two kits with her, and he still could carefreely go mate Millie? No, Graystripe, big mistake! Stormfur was literally alive. Okay, I know, Graystripe lost BOTH Silverstream and Feathertail, but at least he still had Stormfur. He doesn’t need that kittypet Millie, Bumblestripe, Briarlight and Blossomfall! I’m really sorry if you fellow BlogClanners like Millie.

That’s all I have for now. Icekit out!
( Sorry if my article is too short! )

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