The Blog Monthly – First Edition

Read the first Blog Monthly published by Lil and Pine, fresh off the printing press!

Welcome to the first Blog monthly! I’m Pineblossom, reporting to you live from BlogClan headquarters 😛 We’re so excited to introduce this feature, and we hope that we can give everyone the latest news on BlogClan and keep everyone up to date ❤️ 

10 Cute Cat Pictures That Help Us Get Through Monday | Pawlicy Advisor
[image description: a white cat with pink and purple sunglasses and a pink scarf gazes at the viewer]

This past month has brought a flood of changes and new additions to the blog, including, of course, this very newsletter 😀 Before we get into changes, however, let’s welcome…


After the latest wave of mod applications which opened in September, seven new mods have emerged, among them:

  • Eagleflight (Aquila)!
  • Lilybreeze (Lil)!
  • Darkwing (Liv/Dock)!
  • Pineblossom (Pine)!
  • Moonbreeze (Moon)!
  • Ospreysplash (Osprey)!
  • Snowbreeze (Snowy)!

Aquila and Lil have already begun creating joyous birthday and Clanniversary posts, as the new calendar mods! Me and Liv have lots planned for the Trailing Stars Graphic Novel, and Moon, Osprey, and Snowy, our new general mods, can be found speeding all over the blog⚡ 

With these bright new additions, we also have a few mods who are ready to move to the senior homes. Cheeto and Rainie have stepped down from official mod duties and will be retiring going forth. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the blog! For your speedy reputations and positive presence, we’ll miss you both so much ❤️ 

Check out the official announcement here!

Telltale Signs You Have a Happy Cat | Reader's Digest
[image description: a brown tabby cat lays against a wall and peers at the viewer upside down]

With our BlogTeam now at a whopping 13 members, a host of fun additions and changes have come to the blog, with new and old projects. A brief overview:


Our blog is home to a number of scavenger hunts already, including the Emberden and the Viperdiner, and with these new changes, two more have emerged 😀 Check out The Osprey Organization, made by Osprey, and The Raincloud, made by me! Get started on finding those passwords now 😉


The first official newsletter of Blogclan, you’re reading the first edition right now 😉 Run by Lil and I, a new edition will be brought to you every month, containing everything you need to get caught up on the latest Blog news. And the best part: you can have your works featured in the newsletter! Submit an art piece or write a feature on the Blog Monthly page, and check out this month’s features below 🎨 


Some existing projects on the blog that have been restarted lately or will be restarted soon are:

  • NTA by Moon
  • The Rotation by Osprey
  • TSGN by Liv and Pine
  • BlogClanner in the Spotlight by Maple

Be on the lookout for these and make sure to participate in the fun!


Along with all these projects, there’s been some changes to the blog’s appearance and functionality as well! 

  • The header has been rearranged so that your favorite pages are now easier than ever to find!
  • An accessibility toolbar has been added by suggestion of Dewtail! You can access this from the blue tab on the right side of your screen, to change font size, background contrast, and more 🙂 
  • Image descriptions have been added to media on many of the well-trodden pages on the blog, such as the Taverns, articles, forms, Hug Page, and more!
  • You can now submit Clanniversary Gifts, as well as Birthday Gifts! Just pop into “Gifts” to do so!
  • A change log has been created to track changes to the blog from now on 😀 It can be found among “Useful Links” at the bottom of every page!

Read the announcement of all new features here!

Some cat aesthetic images | Cats Amino
[image description: a white kitten reads a book while lying on the floor]

Finally, with November comes the holiday season! We can already hear the jingle bells ringing and a chilly wind blowing through 😉 The most merry time of the year is here, and with it comes…


The Annual Holiday Gift Exchange is back! Sign-ups opened on November 1st and closed on November 10th 🙂 Currently, all exchange partners are assigned, so check your Discord, wiki accounts, emails, or comments on this page to make sure you know who you’re making your gift for! Gifts are due on December 22nd, so I better see you all as busy as elves 🧑‍🎄

Cadvent is creeping up on us as well! For those who don’t know, Cadvent is a yearly blog tradition started by Kate which celebrates holiday joy with tons and tons of cute cat (and dog, and bird, and more!) pictures every day 🎄 My personal favorite is seeing all the adorable pets of our very own Blogclanners! Send in any pictures you’ve taken of your furry friends or that you’ve found online here 😀 

Outdoor Cat Care in Winter: Cold Weather Cat Safety Tips - Tractive
[image description: a pale cream cat crouches on a wooden beam amidst falling snow]

Wow, so much news this month! Thanks for sticking with me all the way through here 🥰 I hope that you all are as thrilled about everything that’s happened and that’s coming up as we are! Let’s turn it over to Lil for some important dates and features to share…

Hey there, everyone!! Lil here to share all of the fun dates that have passed over the month before we dive into all of the BlogClanner features!


I would like to wish a very happy birthday to all of these awesome-sauce BlogClanners!


  • Crowpaw
  • Silverstorm
  • Ivybreeze
  • Ghostpaw
  • Shadowpool
  • Silverdusk
  • Autumnsky
  • Hollyfrost
  • Violetfrost
  • Ravenpaw
  • Nightwind
  • Blossompaw
  • Kestrelpaw
  • Splashpaw
  • Quietpaw
  • Cypressheart
  • Sunfire
  • Almondslip
  • Darkwing
  • Violetpaw
  • Lionstripe
  • Larchwish
  • Frogpaw
  • Mistypaw
  • Drizzlepaw
  • Sheaheart
  • Shadeheart
  • Shiningheart
  • Speckledleaf
  • Briarpaw
  • Emberfall
  • Mistyfrost
  • Tawnylight

And now I would like to say Happy Clanniversary to all of these super cool people who have stuck with us for all this time!!


  • Scorchlight
  • Silverdusk
  • Shadefrost
  • Moonbreeze
  • Marblerose
  • Icepaw
  • Raypaw
image description: a kitten curled up in a white blanket, completely covered except for its face


During the month of November, we’ve had quite a few awesome people join BlogClan and I want to give them a warm welcome!! I am so glad to have each and every one of you here, and we hope you fall just as much in love with this place as I have <33

  • Sparkpaw
  • Blackclaw
  • Moonflight
  • Applefall
  • Icemist
  • Ravenfur
  • Honeypaw
  • Cloudfall
  • Ivybreeze
  • Goldenbrook
  • Hawkwing
  • Purplecreek
  • Lunarpaw
  • Whiskerkit
  • Petalpaw
image description: a brown tabby kitten wrapped up in a plaid blanket

BlogClanner Feature!

As most of you know, December is BlogClan’s annual Gift Exchange!! One of our longtime members has something they wanted to share with us that’s all about it…

“The Holidays are one of my favourite times of the year, and a lot of that is thanks to BlogClan and the Holiday Gift Exchange. It is a beautiful event that helps you get to know those on the Blog, and it brings joy to all. I joined the blog in June of 2017, however I wasn’t active during the holidays until 2019. I went on the blog after a long high school day, and saw that there was a new article about a holiday gift exchange. I read the article, saw the comments of how fun it was the previous year, and decided to join. My BlogClan Buddy that year was Pandaflame (then called Plumeflake!). I didn’t really know her too well, and I had only talked to her in BlogChat a few times. Luckily we crossed paths when I was generating ideas for her gift. I also was linked to her wiki page, where I discovered that we have some common interests. I ended up drawing their purrsona. Over the next few months, I recognized Pandaflame, even as she changed her purrsona, and felt more comfortable talking to her. Now I’d say we are good friends! I had so much fun in the 2019 gift exchange that I signed up again for the 2021 one. This BlogClan buddy I didn’t know at ALL. Still, I read their interests, and once more drew their purrsona, along with one of their interests in the background. I believe they left the blog, but it was a good way to get to know someone else. The gift exchange really helped me go from a commenter that knew a few people to someone who was able to make real connections with other BlogClanners. What is really great is that the Buddy system is random — you may get your best blog friend, or someone who you don’t know, that may eventually become your friend! And even if you don’t see that person again, you still make someone feel special. Thank you to those who are in the gift exchange, and to those who didn’t join this year, and want to, it is an annual event. I highly recommend it. It helps you get to know other BlogClanners, and make someone feel special.”

— Brambleheart

BlogClanner Feature!

We have an awesome page on the Blog called the Fanfiction Page!! Here’s an advertisement for an upcoming fic…

Getting you all hyped up for my fanfiction in 2023! Fire. Flames licked at his tail as he ran. The heat was burning. Then he paused, and turned to face the flames. Wind. The breeze was soothing in her fur as she darted through the forest. For a moment her fury was swept away, until she noticed that the wind was picking up. Water. She raised her head to the sky as the cloud finally burst, drenching them in in tiny raindrops. Forest. He pounced on a golden Leaf-fall oak leaf, bringing it straight to the ground. Leaves swirled around him and he released his grip, allowing it to fly back into the air. Star. Breezepaw is only an apprentice, and the Clan sees her that way: small, and worthless. She’s much stronger than she knows, but they’ll never believe that. Leafpaw always daydreams, and the Clan huddles around him like a newborn kit. He just wishes to be left alone. Firepaw is fierce, and the Clan knows it. But their expectations are to much for him to live up to, and he’s desperate to become stronger. Ripplepaw just wants to help the Clan, however her desperation to fix everything just makes it all worse. The siblings were always the closest friends, but now they’re arguing. Their quarrels have disrupted the Clans and it’s vital that they settle peace with each other-soon, before they’re all doomed. But how can they do that when none of them will admit they are wrong?

Spirit Rising: Spirit of a Warrior. Coming to BlogClan 2023, written by Amberpaw

BlogClanner Feature!

We also have a page called the Warriors Games page!! One of our members wants to remind you to play their game…

Remember that Moonshade’s alphabet NTA ends as soon as 10 people respond, so fill those slots! Maybe you’ll get one of the top prizes! 


1st Place: 3 sps AND a collage of their purrsona!

2nd Place: 2 sps OR a collage of their purrsona!

3rd Place: 1 sps and a hug!

Written by Moonshade

BlogClanner Feature!

A Breakthrough in Warriors: How long have the clans actually existed? (from Gray Wing forming the clans all the way up to Sky) Hi! Its Woodheart here. Im super exited to find out how long the Clans have existed! Alright, so how im going to do this. Step One: I search on the warriors web/fandom and see the average lifespan of a warrior (4-5 years) Step Two: Let’s see how many traceable generations of warriors we have. Lets try the warrior cats web family tree… not finding much…. going to the fandom…. oh! Let’s check out how many leaders we have had in ThunderClan so far… about 14 official leaders Step Three: Now the rest is easy! 5 (average lifespan of a warrior) x 14 (number of generations) = 70 years the clans have existed! Thanks for reading guys!

Written by Woodheart

snowkit by eggpaw!

[image description: a drawing of a white cat with bright blue eyes against a bright blue background]


Congratulations to the winners of Round 17 of the NTA!!

Bunnyberry by Pineblossom!
Rabbitfreckle by Sealspots!
Carrotfawn by Nightwind!
Haresnuffle by Brightcloud!
Jumpfallow by Macawpaw/fern!
Warrenhaze by Cinderpaw/spark!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 1 of the Rotation!!

Beachbubble by Frogstorm
Shoaldip by Valleykit
Sandtumble by Redblaze
Crabscuttle by Silverkit
Coastdrift by Nightpaw/lily
Gullwaddle by Flamecloud

Congratulations to the winners of Round 18 of the NTA!!

Silverflare by Frogstorm!
Darkwillow by Slate!
Moonblossom by Violetpaw/frost!
Blackfawn by Nightwind!
Duskblaze by Scorchpaw/light!
Crescentdawn by Hollymist!

Congrats to the winners of Round 2 of the Rotation!!

Beachbubble’s Description by Hollykit!
Shoaldip’s Description by Magnoliapaw!
Sandtumble’s Description by Sandbreeze!
Crabscuttle’s Description by Spiritpaw!
Coastdrift’s Description by Shadedpaw!
Gullwaddle’s Description by Phoenix!

Thank you to all of those who participated in these 4 rounds, I hope you all had the best time! I was looking through all of the submissions and I was like “wow! these are creative!” All in all I am glad I am not having to judge because I am sure it is a difficult job, so thank you to Moonbreeze and Ospreysplash who do <33

Blog Clan Trivia!

TRIVIA – Did you know that you can play Tetris right from the Blogchat Cbox? Just type //tetris into the chat box and hit enter, and now you can play a classic Tetris game right from the comfort of Blogchat! 😀

by Pandaflame!

TRIVIA – Did you know that Hollyleaf wasn’t in the three only because Vicky couldn’t decide on a power?

by Dustpaw!

an awesome meme sent in by crowpaw!

[image description: a comic with an image in the top left featuring an orange cat saying “Pinestar, the clan is ready”; an image in the top right featuring a brown cat, laid down, responding and saying “I’m coming”; and then the bottom image of the same brown cat, standing on a rock, saying “congrats, you’re warriors. Your new names are…uh…Snowfur and Bluefur.”]


We’ve gotten a few this month!

  • I want to make a shout out to Silverdusk because she’s my mentor in the clan. WoOoOo! And Tansybranch *airhorn* *airhorn* because she always replies on my articles with wonderful replies and it just makes me so happy!
  • Alright, everyone, put your paws in the air for….Icepaw! I co-write Rising Stars, and Icepaw is such a nice person to write with. They also are really kind, helping people on the Hug Page when they can! Icepaw is newer to the blog, but they are already showing potential. Their fanfiction, Rising Stars, is lovely! Go support them!
  • Shoutout to Lil (my wife who divorced me like 76 times), Maple (the COOLEST leaf donut), Bramb (the best mentor in the history of the universe), and Bluebell (the wisest spongecat everrrr) Love you guys 🙂


I just want to remind everyone to keep an eye out for allegiances repost month, which is happening in December! During this month you need to send in your allegiances form, or else you will not be on the allegiances come January. We don’t want anyone to get left out, so take a second to resubmit next month. I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to Viperfrost and Goldenfawn for running the allegiances so well and keeping up with it all. We appreciate them both <33

I can’t wait to see your beautiful purrsonas soon 😀


Pine and I would both like to thank you for sticking around til the end of the first edition of The Blog Monthly! A huge thank you to all who submitted features – if yours wasn’t featured this month, make sure to resubmit and it might be featured next month! We can’t wait to see all of you again next month 😀

image description: a black and white image of a calico cat staring into the camera with lights in front of it

🕊️🎞️🧺 pineblossom (she/her) 🕰️🏹☁️ intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming 🤍📜☕️ mentor to skyshimmer! 🫖🎻⏳

what is a calzone but a pizza taco?