The Strange Case of Dr. Snowkit and Mr. Snowtuft by Doc

Doc takes a look at the Snowkit and Snowtuft theory.

Art by Ospreysplash

Hello everyone, I’m Doc, but you might know be as Plaguepaw, Adderkit, or Adderpaw. You know me for being extremely sarcastic whilst writing controversial articles about controversial topics. I’ve been in BlogClan for about 4 years and I’m a Christian girl who is an author, animator, and artist. I like cats, dragons, and wolves and my favorite color is blue. Thank you for reading this small resume. Anyway, hope you enjoy my theory—that Snowkit is really Snowtuft. I call this theory ‘Snicket’ so yay me for coming up with the term. Let’s dive in! Have fun!

1. They have the same prefix, and a matching appearance.
~ There are tons of cats with the Snow prefix.
However, you are looking at ‘cats in general’ with the prefix ‘Snow.’ Assuming Snowtuft is from ThunderClan, which likely is not true, but we’ll be using this for an example, let’s look back. How many cats are there with the prefix Snow? Plenty. How many toms with the prefix Snow? A little less. How many have white coats? We’ll probably eliminate a few more. Blue eyes might cut off a few. And from ThunderClan? We’ll be down to maybe two, or if we’re lucky even three. Even if there are multiple white-furred toms with blue eyes from ThunderClan with the prefix Snow, that doesn’t implicitly disprove Snicket. If I have a cat named Kitcat, who is brown, and another one named Kitcat, who is also brown, that doesn’t mean that the first or the second Kitcat doesn’t exist. It simply means there are two Kitkats. Therefore this argument is disproved, thanks to the elimination point.
~ Even if Snowtuft does have different eyes, all kittens’ eyes start out as blue, in addition to this, Snowtuft has no defined eye color, being simply described without it, and is up for debate throughout the Warriors community—however, many white cats have blue eyes, so genetically Snowtuft likely has blue eyes. Therefore this argument is disproved, thanks to the kitten-blue point and definition point.
2. Snowkit can’t grow up.
It is quite possible that Snowkit survived from the hawk, some options are: Snowkit clawed it to death, Snowkit was dropped low, the hawk flew into a tree, the hawk was capured, the hawk landed in a nest which Snowkit managed to escape from, even if Snowkit WAS dropped, cats have a mechanic in which they can survive falls from extremely high up, like five-story skyscraper high up, certain death doesn’t exactly apply to Snowkit. In addition to this, the hawk could’ve been shot, Snowkit could’ve clung onto the hawk and forced it to land, the hawk crash-landed, Snowkit broke free, or, on a wildcard here, the hawk might’ve adopted Snowkit. I know this seems outrageous, but we have Midnight, and let’s look at some information. A young kitten is about the size of a hawk fledgeling. Some hawks are violent, but others are known to be ‘gentle.’ If the hawk was white, and all the qualities above were confirmed, he might’ve mistaken Snowkit for its own brethen. Remember, this is just a survival option, if he was sent to the Dark Forest for example, he might have very well grown up as granted by a StarClan member, such as in the case of Smallkit, Wolfkit, and Runningkit, who were granted warrior names at the very least. Touching on the Star-Dark Snicket debate, we come to,
3. Snowkit did nothing bad.
Again, if Snowkit would have survived, he may have turned evil. But we are developing on the possibility that Snowkit either wandered from StarClan to the Dark Forest, either that or he was adopted into the Dark Forest, StarClan made a mistake, somehow went to the Dark Forest for a period of time, maybe a visit or resurrection of some sort, or was dragged into the Dark Forest on a whim, or simply left StarClan upon his own desire. This really isn’t a problem as the Erins are quite inconsistent with reference, take cats living longer than they should have or the concerning amount of cats whose gender rapidly change (RIP Reedstar).

Alright, now I’m switching from defense to offense. Gear up!

1. Most of the Dark Forest cats look down on Snowtuft.
Mapleshade was shown, especially, to be incredibly cruel and pushy towards Snowtuft. She carries a deep hatred towards ThunderClan. Hawkfrost even ordered Shredtail to, shall we say, severely maim him. He hates ThunderClan from the beginning. Do we see a connection here? Tigerstar tests Snowtuft, who as Snowkit’s half-brother is Lionheart, who was chosen as deputy over him, who originates from ThunderClan, as Tigerstar is from, bingo bango, ThunderClan. Three cats, three burning grudges, one singular ThunderClan, and one singular Snowkit.
2. His scar was not only from Shredtail but from the hawk.
Snowkit was likely grabbed under the arms by the hawk’s talons, which are extremely sharp, and able to kill prey with a single blow, they are certainly sharper than cat claws. Therefore it could have left a scar, but his fur grew in and he shed, which covered it, but didn’t let it fade, and Shredtail clawed near the place, which reopened the scar and completely paused all hearing, and causing pain even sharper than the original hurt. In addition to this, Briarlight for example was healed upon death so who’s to say Snowtuft wasn’t partially healed aswell, with a lopsided healing to it since he ended up in the Dark Forest.
3. Snowtuft could possibly be deaf aswell.
Snowkit learnt at least some language as a kit. He said, “S’alright,” and that is actually remarkable for a kitten. Snowtuft rarely talks, and he must have started to read lips. In fact, Snowkit’s death DIDN’T MAKE SENSE, cats use body language to communicate with eachother, so, an innocent child with potential dies so his mom gets so depressed she moves into the nursing home. Go Erins. Anyway, Snowtuft’s deafness could’ve partially healed in StarClan or in the Dark Forest, DF probably has a lopsided version of healing and this means Snowtuft could be able to hear loud noises, thumping sounds, etc. In addition to this some deaf people can learn how to speak and certainly learning isn’t hampered.
4. I’m analyzing some Snowtuft quotes and applying them to Snowkit:
“When I was alive, I know I cared a lot about power. But… when you spend forever slinking through a dark and dying forest, alone, you realize how little power you ever had.”
– ‘When I was alive, I know’ suggests that he doesn’t remember very much about his life. Snowkit was born a long, long time ago, and he must not have remembered very much about ThunderClan. ‘Alone’ implicitly deducts that Snowtuft must have been alone before, hence his death. ‘How little power you ever had’ could possibly refer to his deafness.
– “Some of the other cats have just…disappeared. They don’t vanish all at once, they sort of… fade. I’m scared that I’m fading, too.”
Here, Snowtuft using somehow kittish, ‘young’ language—for example, he could’ve said, ‘A few of the other Dark Forest trainees have simply disappeared. They do not vanish, all at once, instead, they seem to fade. I don’t want to fade.’ Snowkit was known by a few in the ThunderClan camp whilst he died, and those stories were likely passed on, but very few cats keow about Snowtuft. In fact, NONE of them knew where he came from, therefore Snowtuft should have died already. There are many descendants of Firestar and other cats that have interacted with him and I’m sure Speckletail told stories to kittens about Snowkit as an elder.
– “I need help. I know I wasn’t the best cat when I was alive… But surely I have the right to exist? […]”
Snowtuft isn’t afraid to ask for help. Snowkit needed help when he was alive, and he seemed friendly and gentle. The second sentence, is a bit iffy, but if the hawk were working for the Dark Forest surely this permits it. Please don’t attack me for that second sentence, I’m trying to work with it :,) And the last sentence? IT NEEDS NO EXPLANATION. It just sums up the ENTIRE THOUGHTS of about HALF of the Warriors fandom towards Snowkit, which the Erins were DULY AWARE OF. Those eight words just scream Snicket, Snicket, Snicket.
– “Anyway, right when the forest starts to shrink, here come some good cats… in need of help. […] My last actions before I fade away ought to be good ones.”
First up, I’m crying T_T even if you don’t support Snicket you have to admit that’s a sad quote. But Snowkit was a good cat, in need of help, and his last actions must have not been good ones, so Snowtuft might carry some guilt for not obeying his mother, or dragging on the self-blame and self-doubt that is a common trope in stories.
5. Where did Snowtuft originate from? Even if we don’t have Snowkit, there’s still the mystery of Snowtuft. Please tell me YOUR opinion, I’m glad to hear it.

So that closes out my article! I hope you changed your mind, and if not, at least you learnt a bit of new perspective. Do you support Snicket? Do you hate it? Or are you neutral? (If you want to use the term ‘Snicket’ in the future, sure, I don’t mind! Just credit me, if you wouldn’t mind.) Please let me know. Above all, kindly remember to be polite and respectful. I appreciate your understanding! I love hearing your opinions and I hope you liked to hear mine. Many thanks.


Your friend Doc.

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