Cadvent Day 2

Happy second day of Cadvent! I can feel the festive season approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited! Do any of you have any holiday traditions?

Our first picture for today comes from Blossompaw, who’s shared a photo of their dog, Ginger! I love Ginger’s reindeer antlers! What a great photo 😀

a cream and brown spotted dog with brown eyes, wearing a pair of green antlers, lies on a coach

Next, Brambleheart has very kindly shared a piece of art from Louis Wain! These cats look so festive and cozy, I love this picture!

an orange ginger tabby cat in a red and white Santa outfit gives presents to three kittens. the scene takes place outside in the snow

Lastly, Cheetahheart has shared a festive picture of them and Falconstorm/Cap! I love this drawing! Where can I get one of those holiday sweaters, it looks soo cozy!

a yellow and black spotted cat with green eyes and a red santa hat sits beside a grey and brown cat with amber eyes, a captain’s hat, and a red and white sweater

Thanks for spending time with me on this lovely second day of Cadvent!

🌻🌸🌸🌺🌸🌷🌸🌷Birchfoot🦋🐔🦋🐌Call me Birchy!🔥🌏🌷🌷🌷🌟Running for SW🌏✨🌏💐Thunder only happens when it's raining🌟💐🌏☔️🌥️🫧🌥️☔️I can’t wait for fall☔️☔️


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